Marsplay Talks ft. Mahi Bakshi

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Marsplay Talks ft. Mahi Bakshi


In this segment of our blog, we have a candid conversation with our bloggers and get to know more about their journey as a blogger and how Marsplay has inspired them and given them a platform to grow.

Let’s see what Marsplay Blogger Mahi Bakshi has to say about her journey.

About The Blogger

Name: Mahi Bakshi
Marsplay Username: @mahibakshiofficial

Please give a brief about yourself and your journey.

Hi, I am Mahi, I love creating content around fashion and my life.
I started my blog in 2017, by the name ‘the wanderlust soul’ cause my initial plan was to create content around Travel but as I got into it, I realized I love showing my personal style as much as I love my Travel stories, So I changed it to my name only.

After a year, I created my YouTube channel which you can say is my true calling, after that, I never stopped creating videos, It makes me really happy and I know this is something I can do for the rest of my life happily.

Q1 What according to you is the most significant thing that a content creator should always keep in mind for his/her audience?

I think, to treat them as real human beings and not just as likes and comments, what I mean is really connect to them, listen to their feedback, and what they wanna watch.

Q2 What is that one event that you love about your journey with MARSPLAY?

The one event has to be our little getaway to Rishikesh, that was the time I really Connected with the team as well as fellow Marsplayers. I love how Marsplay really motivates aspiring creators to do more and not get caught up in the numbers game a lot!

Q3 How do you keep your content/videos unique and special from other content creators to make it more eye-catching?

For me, I don’t believe I am in competition with anyone, I genuinely love creating videos and my one advice is to be just yourself completely and of course, it will stand out, cause no one can do You, better than YOU, right?

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