Marsplay Talks ft. Saloni Gera

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Marsplay Talks ft. Saloni Gera


In this segment of our blog, we have a candid conversation with our bloggers and get to know more about their journey as a blogger and how Marsplay has inspired them and given them a platform to grow.

Let’s see what Marsplay Blogger Saloni Gera has to say about her journey.

About the Blogger

Name: Saloni Gera
Marsplay Username: @saloni991gera

Q1. How has Marsplay inspired you to be an extraordinary content creator in fashion?

1. Marsplay completely inspires me by their remarkable features, because in this application I can completely define how do I create my outfits and style, and it benefits others to try the same category looks by just tapping on the post and get details about clothing and products, which I had used and that is mutually beneficial for everyone.

Q2. What is your constant inspiration to maintain your profile and content?

2. Creating content is a constant grind, it takes skill, time, and a whole lot of effort and I believe in “One day, for no reason whatsoever, I will find the inspiration that will carry me through to the end of the career rainbow. It will happen in an instant, and I’ll never have to start over again.” as this encourages me to stay motivated towards my objectives.

Q3. What is that one thing that you love about the Marsplay community and Why?

3. It’s about the content, in Marsplay, it promotes amazing content and gives suggestions about the profile by which we can grow in our profession. The application is also extensively helpful and the community has a friendly environment from which we build more connections and at any time we can ask for their help and get proper guidance.

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