Marsplay Talks ft. Tanvi Singh

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Marsplay Talks ft. Tanvi Singh


In this segment of our blog, we have a candid conversation with our bloggers and get to know more about their journey as a blogger and how Marsplay has inspired them and given them a platform to grow.

Let’s see what Marsplay Blogger Tanvi Singh has to say about her journey.

About The Blogger

Name: Tanvi Singh
Marsplay Username: @fashionfads25

Please give a brief about yourself and your journey.

Hey, I am Tanvi Singh and I am a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger/ Influencer. I started my blog in 2017 and since then I’ve come a long way. I have received numerous brand collaborations with the likes of Pumalady, Biotique, Bata, Pantene, and many more.

Q1 How do you manage to keep your content inspiring and unique from other content creators?

1. Quality content is key. It helps your brand to stand out. I use multiple sources when researching about fashion and lifestyle. Apart from that, I focus on a unique content structure. I create a hook that grabs the attention of my audience. I read a lot about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends and add my own fusion to content.

Q2 What makes you believe that Marsplay is the platform of learning, grooming, and growing? 

2. Marsplay is an amazing experience altogether. It is easy and fun and provides for a variety of trendy items to shop and earn money as well.  It enables me to get the latest beauty updates and discover fashion trends. And it also helps me to build my own community as a fashion and lifestyle influencer.

Q3 Please share an incredible life-changing experience of yours which made you so a so amazing influencer.

3. Things were not that easy, and it did take a while to start. I faced a lot of obstacles initially, and it was hard to get brands for collaborations but through network and motivation, things changed eventually, I started creating a lot of content thus building an audience on my social media.

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