Mastering The Colour Blocking Look

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Mastering The Colour Blocking Look


Back in the 90’s colour-blocking was everywhere. The fad took a hiatus and is now back with a modern twist. We’ve seen the transition from neutral blocks to colour-mixing. Tons of fashion influencers have been showcasing the colour-blocking trend on social media and is aped by everyone for it looks simple yet stylish. Though the colour blocking trend has blown the internet with its popularity, there is a section of people who are still oblivious to this style.

One of the easiest and most fun ways to create a bold look is to use the technique of colour blocking. The main idea is to simply combine two or more colours strategically to create an eye-catching look.

# What is color blocking?

It is a method of wearing multiple solid colours in an outfit. The outfit usually revolves around a palette of two or more colours, bold and bright shades. Prints and patterns are not preferred in colour blocking as such designs would take away from the “blocked” visual.

#How to color block?

The process of colour blocking is as hassle-free as it sounds; adding blocks of colours to one ensemble. To really achieve colour blocking keep in mind to choose colours which complement each other in the colour wheel, for eg:- black and white, blue and green, pink and red.

Matching colours doesn’t require a lot of efforts however, mixing colours is quite a task to generate pleasant results. That’s where colour blocking comes in.

Colour Blocking

Monisha paired a black cropped top with white palazzo pants. The black striped pattern of the palazzo pant is giving a perfect match with this top. She accessorized the look with a chic black sling bag and finished her look with a black and white sandal. 

Kudos to her as she has set a classic example of what a colour block outfit is.

Pro tip: Involve article of clothes that have huge blocks of colour, with the goal being an aesthetically pleasing outfit. 

# How is color blocking different from other styles.

Colour blocking is different from what people usually think. As, loud, bold and visually attractive colours are involved in the colour blocking look. The style is all the rage these days because it’s comfortable and there is numerous choice of colours. Mismatching of colours is involved and you can create a lot of cool and funky looks.

Color blocked outfit

Rishika Singhal chose a solid white t-shirt with a lilac skirt as her valentine’s day look. She kept her look subtle with light colours like white and lilac. Lilac colour is very much trending these days and we are in complete awe of the colour. She completed her look with statement drop earrings and beige strap sandals.

# Tips to make your color block outfit look simple yet chic.

1. Avoid Prints

Patterns and prints call attention to themselves, whereas the aim of colour blocking is to let the whole outfit work together. Stick to solid colours which are plain and do not carry any pattern.

Colour Blocking

2. Wear Your Neutrals

Sometimes wearing subtle and neutral colours with bright ones looks decent and visually comfortable. Browns, greys, navy blues and white are easy to block against bold colours like green, yellow or red. 

Colour Blocking

3. Wear separates

Colour blocking an outfit is easiest when you wear separates. Instead of wearing a dress, go with shirts and pants which will enhance the beauty of the colour block.

Colour Blocking

4. Accessorizing is the Key

An outfit is not just about shirt and pants: accessorizing the look with watches, tote bags, sling bags, shoes, earrings, belts etc can help in making the look more about colour blocking than just any normal outfit.

5. Choose the colours wisely

You must have realized by now that colour blocking is all about playing with colours; if the colours you choose don’t complement the whole look then it’s a mess! Hence it is very important to understand the basic colour wheel and imbibe the colours accordingly.

Image result for colour blocking chart

Complementary- Colors which are opposite to each other in the colour wheel.

Triad– Two or three colours that are each four spaces apart.

Analogous– Shades that are beside one another.

6. Don’t overdo it!

One of the basics of styling is to make sure your outfit doesn’t look like a painter’s palette. Pick two or maximum three colours otherwise they’ll work against one another and the whole look will be overdone.

So these were some ideas to colour block your outfits elegantly! If you’ve any queries then drop it in the comment section below.

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Happy Styling!

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