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Meet Marsplay Community Members


Building and empowering a close-knit community of fashion lovers

Here’s the list of some awesome community members who have joined us so far to learn and grow in their fashion blogging journey together with us —

Community Curators

Purnima Madaan

Hi friends, My name is Purnima Madaan and am a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger at Ootdiva. I like to move out of my comfort zone to curate something stylish from scratch. Apart from blogging, I love to travel and vlog on my youtube channel. I am a community curator with Marsplay and I will be helping you all in this journey. Let’s get to know each other. Feel free to reach out to me in case of any doubts.

Stuti Gupta

Hi, My name is Stuti Gupta, I founded my blog back in 2016. Although I didn’t take it seriously that time but now it has become a huge part of my life. From being a part time blogger to a full time blogger, it has been a roller coaster journey!” I am a community curator with Marsplay, feel free to get in touch with me.

Community Members

Aishwarya Waichal

Hi, I’m Aishwarya Waichal. I have been passionate about Fashion since childhood and I wanted to explore the Fashionista in me. So, I started my Fashion & Beauty blog called My Suave Secret. I believe that Fashion & Comfort should go hand in hand and My Suave Secret emphasises on budget friendly ways to look stylish.

Purty Samaddar

“Life is memories of yesterday make them worthy to carry on.”

Hi. I am Purty Samaddar. I am a lifestyle Blogger/social media influencer, and my Insta, FB, blog handle is Fashilicious Diaries (Fashionably Delicious). I am a final year student of CS(Company Secretaryship) and I have worked as a social media executive in a event management company.


I, Kenya, believe in my dreams because they were given to me for a reason and I never ignore what my heart pumps for. This is why I started my YouTube channel (Beyond Beauty) and started V-logging too. From the time, I’ve started it, it feels like I have started living my dreams.

Ranjabati Banerjee

Hi Friends, my name is Ranjabati Banerjee from Kolkata. I pursuing my graduation in stream of fashion. I love to style myself according to the trend.

Manmeet Kaur

Hey I am Manmeet Kaur a plus size blogger! I love to inspire all the people out there who think being fat is a curse and motivate all the curvies to stay motivated! My main aim is to keep inspiring and motivating people to accept themselves as they are!

Prakhar Kasera

Ok hey people! Lets talk. Well, my name is Prakhar Kasera and to all I am known as a blogger. I blog about fashion, lifestyle, travel, food etc. I love being in the latest trends and curate different styles by mixing up the past, present & future. This is why the niche of fashion blogging really appeals to me. Also, fashion blogging has helped me evolve as a model. It’s been an exciting journey so far.


My name is Sonal. I am a Delhi based fashion blogger and a financial analyst by profession. I believe that while fashion fades, style is eternal. This is what I try to portray in my blogs. Also, I am a Gargi college Alumni.

There are many more people who will get added to the community everyday and we will be updating the link. You can come here and check every week to get to know new community members.

Firdaus Peerzada

My name is Firduas. I started my blog 2 years ago.. all stuffed with inspiration but absolutely clueless how to begin. And that’s how my blog The Kardashian Clan came into existence. I blog about everything from Fashion, Beauty, lifestyle, Skin care and Makeup. Do check out my journey on which began as a hobby which later on turned into being my obsession.

Hitvanshi Rathod

I am Hitvanshi. It’s been just a few months I have been into fashion blogging…. In the beginning I was just doing it for the likes and comments but later people started following my ideas and style …. So I started working for a cause not for applause …….

And my cause is give people a fashion style which can change their lives and to inspire and make women more confident.


Hi, I am Karishma, a fashion blogger who aspires to touch the sky with hard work and enjoy life to its fullest too. Fashion is what my personality can transform any get up into, and I love abiding by the latest trends thereby influencing people with fashion ideas. Dance and chicken lover, vogue is in my veins! Check out my blog.

Shivani Bhadouriyaa

I’m Shivani Bhadouriya, 20 year old blogger and is a computer science major. My foremost passion is dancing. I’m a choreographer and a performer. I love experimenting with my looks and dressings.

Titiksha Sar

My name is Titiksha Sar. I am an English hons student and a very innovative soul. Apart from having a great sense of mixing and matching basic pieces of clothes, I display excellent skills in playing musical instruments like Sitar & Harmonium. I love being a fashionable person and my fashion is not limited till the clothes I wear but springs in how I fashion my skills in music, art and dance.


Hi, My name is Arpitha. I’m a fun girl from Delhi who loves to shop and experiment with new styles . I love to travel and explore new places and yes i can call myself a shopaholic( i go by that quote ‘when in stress, shop’ )

Aishwarya Chowdhary

Hey, I am Aishwarya Chowdhary. 20 yrs old , currently pursuing BA prog eng and french from JMC ,DU. I am an imaginator. I have a big hand in creativity. I love travelling. I love decorations , bohostuff , lights. I am foody. I started blogging because of my love for fashion and creativity in it. Also to dress well and according to the place and theme is an art and a huge plus point for one’s personality.

Samidha Goel

I’m Samidha Goel, a lifestyle blogger. I believe that my strength and weakness both are my lifestyle. It’s always been my pleasure to share my lifestyle with everyone.

Kanchan Tiwari

Hey this is Kanchan Tiwari. IT professional by profession and model by passion. I love working in collaboration for Jewellery shoots and apparel shoots. I am a fitness lover and shoot for fitness apparel is also what I am interested in.

Samixa Tiwari

Hi, I am Samixa Tiwari. Styling my friends during college was”my thing”, because they always appreciated and loved my suggestions. That’s what inspired me to start my fashion & lifestyle blog “That Sassy Lady” . According to me if you’re feeling comfortable and confident in it, Style it Up.

Tarshi Sarsunia

Hi, I am Tarshi Sarsunia and i love to add a little style of my own to every outfit i wear. I want to inspire people who adore my sparkle. Thank you 🙂

Karan Goyal

The Utopian guy which roughly translates to a guy aiming perfection.

I am a jaipur based Fashion blogger and I sets out on a quest to influence my style to the world.

Sur Realista

I am Sur Realista and I am a fashion cum mom blogger. I also have my YouTube channel — Surrealista.

Mohini Marwaha

I am Mohini Marswaha and I am fashion student. I love to style daily looks for college, I am doing fashion styling from quite a long time.

Harshita Chawla

Who needs a blogging website when Instagram is here to make things so easy! I, Harshita Chawla, love expressing myself through the way i carry myself. Fashion, for me has always been breezy and simple. I loved writing since childhood and hence I am blogging even before i knew what blogging meant!

I believe in doing my own thing, my own way. I am a supporter of authenticity and consistency. The idea is that my work should always be easy to understand. I ensure blog must help the reader in some way always!

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