Fashion Capital of India-Mumbai vs Delhi

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Fashion Capital of India-Mumbai vs Delhi


In every major city in India, we can find some fashion divas who keep up with the latest trends, shop in designer stores and look at their stylist best at all social media.

Mostly, Mumbai is considered as the summer capital of India while Delhi is the winter capital if India. But still, for most people, it’s difficult to pick between two cities as the ultimate fashion capital.

Mumbai and Delhi, these two cities have always had friendly competition from food to fashion and many more things. Above all, these two cities have played the catch-up game to get the crown of the fashion capital of India. 

We don’t think that this competition is ever going to end rather grow.  But, don’t worry we have a list of differences in both the cities from which you can relate and choose according to your style. 

Let the Mumbai vs Delhi Battle Begin!

Fashion Tale of Two Cities- Mumbai vs Delhi

Delhiite know the difference between formal and casual days. They know the right occasion for the right outfits. While Mumbaikars are hardly spotted wearing formals. 

You will notice that people in Mumbai have casual, comfortable and low-key dressing style. Mumbai is basically relaxed and casual whereas Delhi people take an effort to dress up even for small occasions.

Delhi and Mumbai are very much culturally different and this is another reason that the fashion sense of both the city is different.

Let’s check how different is the fashion of Mumbai from Delhi and carry on the ultimate fashion face-off between the two cities.

For this, we chose a fashion blogger from individual cities to take on this fashion face-off between Delhi and Mumbai. 

Casual Outfit Face-off: Mumbai vs Delhi

Mumbai vs delhi

Rajvee Gandhi is a famous fashion blogger from Mumbai who is inspiring many people with her amazing styling sense. For the casual look, she paired her striped t-shirt dress with a denim jacket that makes it a trendy, casual outfit for the day out. 

Kritika Khurana


Kritika Khurana mostly known by her Instagram handle -thatbohogirl who is from Delhi has the most number of following for fashion and travel blogging. 

She picked an off-shoulder top and paired it with ripped blue denim. Black heels, bag and hat is adding more to the chic and casual feel of the outfit. High heels clearly shows that Delhi people love to wear casuals but in a stylish way.

Check the Festive Style of Delhi and Mumbai

Rajvee Gandhi chose Indo-western for the traditional look. She went for a dhoti pant, an elegant blouse paired with a beautifully printed shrug. Moreover, these stunning shoes are adding more stain to this beautiful outfit!

Kritika Khurana

Kritika donned a pretty long kurta in yellow and highlighted the whole look with chunky silver jewellery. She layered her kurta with ethnic half coat which is taking this simple kurta to another level. For completing the look she wore ankle lenght black boots which is really a unique style. She kept her look minimal yet stylish

Face-off: Mumbai vs Delhi Fashion

Rajvee knows how to rock any party with the latest trends. For the party look, she picked a black leather skirt with a white corset top and paired it with hoop earrings which are giving an edge to the whole look. She basically focuses on flattering and feminine designs. Her hairstyle is on fleek here with soft curls.

Kritika also showed how to keep up with the latest trends and fashion. She wore an animal print skirt and paired it with a black cropped top. Kritika showed the creativity of fashion by layering her outfit with a long overcoat and completed her look with black high heels. She aims to carry a unique style of her own.


So, taking everything into account, we can conclude that Mumbaikars like to wear cool and simple outfits whereas Delhiites like to dress up on every occasion whether its party or being casual.

They both are fashion-forward girls who has set-up their foots in fashion blogging . They both have their unique styling sense with they mix up by trying something new and different each time.

We can’t really draw a conclusion as which city is better and who wins the title of fashion capital of India but we are pretty much sure that both the city is unique in its own. 

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