New Year Beauty Resolutions You Can Actually Pull Off in 2020

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New Year Beauty Resolutions You Can Actually Pull Off in 2020


‘New year, new me’ is trending everywhere these days just like it does on every January year after year. We all tend to make certain fitness and beauty resolutions for the new year but how many of us actually stick with them? As 2020 ushers in a fresh new decade, let us take a more practical approach towards fulfilling our new year’s goals.

new year beauty resolutions

Take a look a these 9 doable new year beauty resolutions that you can actually manage to attain. And if you do, be sure to spend this year at your beauty best!

Skincare over Makeup Any Day

One of the greatest beauty secrets that the Koreans know better than us is the importance of keeping our skin nourished and hydrated at all times. Instead of investing in expensive concealers, if we manage to maintain a healthy, clearer looking skin and love our original complexion, our beauty woes will decrease significantly.

Read our blog below for the ultimate step-by-step guide on how to maintain a forever healthy skin!

A Peek into the Aesthetic World of Korean Skincare

This 2020, resolve to go completely clean on your skin. Drink more water, use sheet masks more often and gift yourself a salon skin cleansing session at least every month!

Skincare is Not Limited to Just Your Face

When we talk about skincare, don’t we only imagine our face? Well, you might have quite a handful of products that you use daily to make your face glow but what about your body? Shower gels and body lotions are not going to cut it anymore! Let your new year beauty resolutions involve cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing your body on a daily basis just like you do to your face.

Body care beauty resolutions

Beauty Resolutions that Involve Hair Pampering Sessions

Make it a weekend ritual to check it with your hair. All the pollution and hair products you use can cause bad damage to your tresses leading to dandruff, split ends and rough texture. Book spa treatments at a reliable salon and be sure to moisturize and nourish your locks to prevent further wreckage. People with colored or straightened hair to definitely make this a priority. Get your hair some extra shine and bounce.

hair care beauty resolutions

Pro Tip: Invest in a posh silk pillowcase this new year as it promises smoother, less damaged hair.

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Clear the Clutter in Your Beauty Closet

It is impossible to resist investing in beauty products but hoarding is again a bad habit. Make it a point to get rid of all the products that have crossed their expiry dates or the stuff that you do not use anymore or does not suit you. This will give you a sense of a fresh start and you can also start filling up your closet with products that actually offer you benefit.

clear the clutter

Swear By a Nightly Foot Massage Daily

Your feet goes through a lot of trouble daily but they often end up being the last priority. Move up pedicure in your list of to-does but most importantly, invest in foot creams that are specifically designed to give your feet some rest. An essential-oil infused foot cream used daily goes a long way in preventing feet discoloration and wrinkles. Clean off the dust and pollution, massage the cream properly and slip on a pair of soft socks every night before bedtime.

daily foot massage

Hot Oil Champi As Your New Year Beauty Resolutions

Never underestimate the power of what your grandmother taught you about a good ol’ champi! We must have invested in hundreds of hair products over time but nothing can beat the benefits of the age-old technique of hot oil hair massage.

hot hair oil champi once a week

A good ten-minute massage session that you can do yourself will start to show visible results within a month or two if you do it at least once every week. Get the hair oil out of your closet ASAP and be sure to find naturally hydrated hair with significantly less hair fall.

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Mask At Least Once a Week

You might already be using face masks but you should also take the threshold of using face masks at least once a week seriously. Make yourself a commitment of replenishing the lost glow of your face every week and stick to the plan. Charcoal masks help to clean up the pollution, dirt and residual makeup that your skin has accumulated over the week.

7 Best Charcoal Face Mask For The Ultimate Skin Detox

Sheet masks are loaded with nutritional serum and face essence that can transform your skin into its naturally glowing version within a span of two months! Or you can always DIY!

4 Simple & Easy Face Mask Recipes To Make At Home

Include Your Lips in Your Beauty Resolutions List

It is so easy to forget lip care when talking about skincare routine. Lipsticks and lip liners are always the first beauty products we tend to buy but we most often forget to take care of the health of our lips. Do not wait until they are chapped or spitting. Lip care routine should be year-round and regular.

lip care routine

What are the basics? Practice scrubbing your lips lightly with grounded sugar at least once a week. It helps to ward of dead cells. Invest in an all-night lip mask and an all-day lip balm and use these regularly to maintain cleaner and softer lips all year long.

Actually Visit a Dermatologist

We might think that we have all our skin secrets figured out but it is never the case. As our skin ages, newer issues might pop up which may require extra care. Check in with a dermatologist this new year to understand your skin and hence take the best approach to care for it.

beauty treatment

You cannot get naturally soft and glowing skin in a day. It requires hours of care and consistent approach over time. This new year, make a commitment to yourself to stick to these skin care and beauty routines and you will surely achieve the kind of skin quality you have always dreamed of.

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