How Niche Blogging Can Help You Grow as A Blogger?

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How Niche Blogging Can Help You Grow as A Blogger?


Is Niche blogging the way to grow as a blogger?

The answer is YES!

Some people who may feel that it would get boring for the viewers to look at the same content every week. 

However, this is not right. People often love a blog because the blog provides them with specific content on a specific niche. 

How many of you know about Kritika Khurana (@thatbohogirl)? I think almost all of you do. 

Kritika Khurana is a famous Instagram influencer who is a graduate with a degree in fashion. She started her YouTube channel in 2016, and now she has amassed more than 166,660 subscribers on Youtube and has 600k followers on Instagram

Well, we cannot even imagine the number of fashion influencers who might have started in 2016 and before. But where Kritika has gathered so much fame and money, others are still struggling to survive with this career. 

The Difference?

Their planning!

While Kritika Khurana found her specialty and created a niche with her content in the initial stage, some just start with random content without any specialization. 

This implies that planning can really make or break your blogging career. 

However, before getting into planning, you need to know a little bit about niche blogging. 

What does Niche Blog mean? 

The blogs can be broken down into two main categories: niche blogs and general – or multi-topic – blogs. 

A niche, in simple terms – is the general topic matter that you follow on your posts. It’s the main theme or subject of your blog post. All your posts revolve around that theme when you have a niche. 

Where niche blogs focus on only one topic, general blogs concentrate on a variety of topics. On a  multi-topic blog, you’ll find a wide range of content on general lifestyle topics such as career, décor, health, and fitness.     

Bloggers have two choices: Write about everything, or write about one thing, i.e., #NicheBlogging

But why would anyone do that? 

We have 10 reasons why you should create a niche blogging?

  1. It Saves Time : 

Niche blogging saves time in the research work. We know what kind of information we need from the web. Therefore, we don’t have to spend much time on finding multiple topics to create content. We can focus on one topic while doing our research for content.

Also, if you have a niche blog coming up with topics and headlines is a lot easier than general blogging. 

  1. Niche Blogging Keeps you on Track

Sometimes, while posting about multiple topics or genres, we forget our motive behind it. Therefore, niche blogging helps you to keep track of your aim. 

  1. Niche Blogs give you a Reliable Audience

We know which profile we need to check while searching for some specific topics. For example- if I want to know about boho fashion, I without much thinking go to Kritika Khurana’s profile or blog, which is famous for her boho style. 

  1. Niche Blogging Make It Easier To Monetize Your Blog

It is easier for brands to choose you over others if you follow a niche. You can get other collaborations too along with your specialty. Similarly, it may prove beneficial for you to pitch to brands in your niche. This way, you are one step closer to monetize your blog. 

  1. Niche Blogs Expand Your Knowledge

Niche blogging makes you a champion in your genre. You will slowly get immense knowledge and experience in the niche you are working. This will make you an expert in your field. Voila! 

  1. Niche Blogs Help Your Content be Distinct

Niche blogging helps your blog to stand out from the pool of content on the internet. Your blog will be distinct from others, and therefore, there are more chances to increase the visibility of your blog. 

  1. Analytics is Easier in Niche Blogging

Making analytics is easier in niche blogging. You can keep track of the work you are doing and analyze if it’s working or not. You can see which post is doing better and revive them with a new angle. If you feel you are not getting enough response in the needed time, you can also think of switching the profile. 

However, niche blogging takes a little more time than general blogging. At the same time, it gives you fruitful return once you start getting the response. 

  1. Niche Blogging Competition

Niche blogging is less competitive as most of the people are doing general blogging, so it is easier to get a quick response to your blogs. 

  1. Niche Blogging Marketing

The marketing of niche blogging is quite easy as compared to other categories. There are several tools which you can choose for the marketing purpose of niche blogging.

How to choose the perfect niche for your blog in 2019

Before starting the blog, you should know your interests and strong points. We have a list of niche blog ideas to choose from, which will make your task easier.

List of Niche Blogging

There are so many fashion enthusiasts who are trying to make their career in fashion blogging, but they don’t actually have a direction. With these niche blog topics, you can focus on your route.


The first and most popular in the niche blog topics is the fashion category. If you have high fashion style and have enthusiasm for fashion, then you should try a hand on fashion blogging. And obviously, there is massive learning in between the journey. 

Download the Marsplay App and follow on Instagram for fashion contests and the latest updates on fashion. 

Parenting Blog

Parenting blog is a perfect niche blog example. It is something new and profitable. Believe me, moms are everywhere, and the working moms of today’s generation are always looking for suggestions to save their time and energy. 


Universal topics like health where everybody knows about them are profitable niches. So, you can explore this field as well. 


Another blog niche list is lifestyle blogging. A lifestyle blog consists of many different topics and usually target demographics like dog lovers, college students, fitness freaks, etc. It is vast as compared to other niches, and it’s fun. 

Frugal Living

Have you ever noticed that there are massive boards on Pinterest just for economical living people and bloggers? If not, search about frugal blogs, and you’ll find an immense pool of opportunity.  

Home Decor

Are you always watching videos on DIY projects on Youtube and Instagram? It means you have found your niche!

Start making the videos and writing about your interest in home decor. 


If you love planning and organizing events, it may be your college events or family functions or anything, then this is your niche. Start doing something with your planning talent, and you will soon be having loyal followers for sure.  


I mean who doesn’t like traveling? Plus, if you can make money out of it then it’s a Win-Win!

TIP: Make sure to have an answer to people’s question about your niche. It will surely add a plus point to your blog.

For example, Devansh from The Dapper Street got his first collaboration with less than 2000 followers, because he had a niche- bow ties.

From Devansh’s blog

How To Start A Niche Blog

Starting a niche blog is not that difficult. It is all about how you do your research and planning for finalizing your blog’s niche.

These are the points you should consider when you start your niche blog.

  1. Know your passion: Identify the things you have an inclination for.
  2. Go deep in that domain: Read existing blogs and educate yourself.
  3. Find your keyword niche: Start using those in hashtag so that brands related to that domain can discover you.
  4. Align your current blog to that niche: Make sure that at least one in three posts is about that niche .
  5. Research the demand for that particular niche: Are people asking questions about it on social media? Is that niche trending or growing? Do people want to learn more about it? If yes, then you are on the right track.

This will help you narrow down on a niche that is best for you.

It’s not too late to rehab your blog and bring it back to a highly trafficked niche. 🙂

Not sure if you can be/want to be a niche blogger?

Being a niche doesn’t mean you can’t write/post about other things you love. It just means that there is something special about your blog that a specific section of enthusiasts can connect to. Still, you should have the freedom to write or post about things outside of your niche.

It’s just a way to define your unique edge in the increasingly crowding space of fashion bloggers.

Therefore, it is time to break the stereotype about niche blogging and start working on it. Will you? 


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