Is this an Era of Virtual Influencers? Know All About Noonoouri

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Is this an Era of Virtual Influencers? Know All About Noonoouri


Noonoouri is taking over Instagram by her sartorial choices. She is 19 years old, has 287k followers on Instagram, she lives a lavish life in Paris and works with the biggest brands in the industry. But the actual question here is- Who Noonoouri is, really?

She’s an avatar created in February 2018 by Joerg Zuber, a 43-year-old graphic designer from Munich. Joerg Zuber is the artistic director of Opium Effect, a global design and branding agency that oversees several luxury clients. He and his creative agency, Opium Effect thought of making Noonoouri many years ago. At the time, Zuber was unable to convince a single investor for his project. Therefore, in late 2017, he brought Noonoouri onto the market himself. 

cute. curious. couture. - this is what reads her Instagram bio. 

She is a perfectly framed It-Girl to keep your eye on. She always put on flawless makeup and has an enviable wardrobe which most of us can only dream of!

However, Noonoouri is more than just a fashion influencer. She follows a vegan ‘lifestyle’, doesn’t wear furs, and promotes sustainable fashion.


“It was important to me for Noonoouri to have a message. Through her, I have a platform with which I can make a difference. I want to make the most of this opportunity because unfortunately, many real influencers rarely do so. This is also one reason why fashion labels like to work with her. Noonoouri is both a role model and a fantasy.”

Joerg Zuber

Although she doesn’t quite resemble a human being, she has worked with brands like Marc Jacobs, Dior, Versace, Fendi, Ashi Studi and done advertising for Kim Kardashian’s makeup line. She even made an appearance at the Fashion For Relief fashion show during the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

AI- Noonoouri

Noonoouri is a 1.5 m tall intelligently-crafted, human-esque graphics, with ‘real’ personalities and serious celebrity statuse. She talks about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, art, culture, and travel in her blog. Although she exists on the web even then she is making major news (and money!).

Fashion Influencer- Noonoouri

We believe Noonoouri is just the beginning of a new era of influencers. Not only Noonoouri, but there are other computer-generated models like her.

MIQUELA- She is better known as Lil Miquela, a fictional character and digital art creation. She’s also released four songs, with Not Mine topping the charts on Spotify. Miquela is not just a fashion influencer, but also a humanitarian. She also lends her support to the LGBTQI+ community and significant causes like Black Lives Matter.

SHUDU- Another AI creation everyone’s obsessed with is Shudu Gram. She is called the most beautiful model of Instagram. The world’s first digital supermodel, Shudu was confused for an actual human being for the longest time. Cameron-James Wilson, a British fashion photographer, wanted to create an art piece that was a virtual celebration of dark-skinned women. Her main inspiration is the Princess of South Africa Barbie.

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