What Not To Wear This Winter

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What Not To Wear This Winter


While you guys have been reading a lot about what’s trending and what to wear this holiday season, we thought of updating you guys with the trends that we aren’t going to be seeing in the coming year. Winter is at its peak and knowing what to avoid can really help you guys receive applause from fashion critics all over the world.

These are trends which have been seriously over-hyped in the year 2018. They were seen on repeat mode everywhere and it would be more than better to bid adieu to most of them now.

While everyone is talking about what to wear this winter we should give some more focus to what’s not trending anymore and what not to wear. This is a very important area which we are missing out somewhere. So let’s talk about what’s in and what’s out and what not to wear this winter.

Chunky Dad Sneakers

What not to wear this winter

These are an ugly trend which made a comeback this year. Every time we see them we are reminded of the 90s trend. These are far from flattering. They have quite a chunky silhouette, nothing like the Adidas’ Stan Smith. These are more sporty than chic and walking in them can be really funny sometimes. These Orthopaedic sneakers will be a no go for this season. Instead, opt for a slimmer sole shoe which can create better fashion statements. Time to say bye-bye dad sneakers!

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Leopard Prints

What not to wear this winter

Are you still sporting a leopard print knit, blazer or tights? Think again! Trust us! We love leopard prints too and these prints have been a rage since last year. But not anymore! Our fashionistas from all over the world are not so excited about it anymore. In fact, history suggests that leopard prints have always gained popularity suddenly until it fades out for a couple of years. So, better to keep it in your closet and reuse them in 2020 instead.

Tiny Cat Eyes Sunglasses

What not to wear this winter

If you are a trend follower we are sure you would have also participated in this trend of wearing slick, tiny cat eye sunglasses all year round in 2018. We even saw many big celebs wearing this tiny cat eye sunglasses. Honestly, the statistics say that this trend has been to redone in 2018 and its time to bid goodbye to them as they don’t look flattering on most face shapes. They will get replaced by visors or big sunglasses which offer more sun coverage.

Oversized Top & Bottom

What not to wear this winter

Have you been a follower of this oversized trend? Oversized jackets, coats, t-shirts or jeans, all of these had been trending for quite some time now. Earlier, this trend translated to having both top and bottom oversized which didn’t quite gain praises from our fashionistas. So a slight alteration to this trend is picking one or the other to be oversized. So if you’re sporting a big top, then pair it with a slimming or tight bottom. Conversely, if you have a wide leg pant, pair it with a tailored button down. So, you don’t have to completely avoid over-sized clothes. You just have to pair it right.

Mules are Out

What not to wear this winter

Whenever a trend is taken too literally from its inspiration it fizzles out faster because it feels like a flashback costume, instead of fresh personal style. During the ’90s and early 2000s, mules fell largely out of fashion, replaced briefly by clogs. These were decidedly less glamorous, albeit slightly more practical. Closed shoes became the norm until 2017 when the style returned to the runways once again. Mules have again gone out of fashion for 1-2 years roughly being replaced by loafers instead. To all the ladies who love wearing mules, we can only say not to feel sad and try something new this season.

What not to wear ths winter

Yes we know this came as a shocker to you! While our influencers have been still praising so much about the plaid pattern, we are here to share that plaid has fallen out of fashion now. Plaid started trending from the 1995 film Empire Records. They were made popular again in 2017 and they were really huge for fall 2018. But now this print might not last in 2019. Reason being we have really overdone it. It has in fact been replaced by tye and dye print. Tye and dye come in various colours adding quite a lot of charm to the overall outfit.

Cropped T-shirts/Sweatshirts

What not to wear this winter

Honestly, how many girls are feeling calm after reading this? Many, we are sure. Cropped t-shirts were not flattering for more than 95% of the woman’s body types, accounting for the biggest reason why this trend is out. Secondly they never really looked the same on our bodies, as they looked on the mannequins. Because of the boxy shape, this trend had to be replaced by something more figure-hugging, something like hip and waist cut-outs t-shirts and dresses.  After all, this is why we girls do dieting for!

So here you go girls!! Now you know what to pick and what to avoid. And if you have recently purchased something out of this list, worry not! Because you can very well reuse these trendy pieces later on as these trends keep going in and out every 2 years.

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