Pro Tips On How To Apply Eyeliner Perfectly

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Pro Tips On How To Apply Eyeliner Perfectly

Master the art of applying eyeliner with these easy hacks!

Figuring out how to apply eyeliner perfectly indisputably tops the list of all the makeup woes we women face on a daily basis. Acing the classic eyeliner look, especially when you are in a hurry can be quite an issue. One wrong stroke can spoil your entire makeup and sometimes, even your day! Considering how dramatically an eyeliner can change your entire look, you deserve to know all the tips and tricks to flawlessly decorate your gorgeous eyes.

No need to worry about your eye makeup anymore because we have done some research for you! Read on for some useful and effective hacks used by pros to master the art of applying the perfect eyeliner.

Know your Eyeliner

To understand how to apply eyeliner, you need to know the basics of the product. So, let us begin with a short theory! There are three different types of eyeliners:

Pencil: Easy to apply but they don’t comfortably spread on your eyelids.

Tip: Mark dots with the pencil liner on your eyelids first and then join them for the perfect stroke.

Gel: Gel liners have a matte look. They glide easily on your eyelids but they dry up very quickly. So, you need to be an eyeliner pro before opting for this variant.

Liquid: The most precise of all liners, but takes too long to dry, increasing the chances of smudging. Go for it if you are a perfectionist with a lot of patience!

Tip: For beginners, the best hack to apply liquid liners is by using the marker pen variant instead of the fine brush.

How to Get your Eyeliner to Stay On Longer

Wondering how to apply eyeliner perfectly? First, you have to ensure your eyeliner does not smudge. Make sure to prepare your eyelids before application.

Pre-eyeliner preparation

Post your daily skincare routine, apply a dab of eye cream and even it out on your eyelids and below your eyes. Next, spread a minimal dose of primer. This makes your skin smoother and gives you a clean canvas to draw the eyeliner.

The Best Technique to Apply Eyeliner

The most common problem while applying eyeliner is following the exact curve of your eyelids. The simple technique is to start out in the middle and gradually move on towards the end. Apply eyeliner on the inner part of your eyelid as the last step.

Basic Everyday Hacks on How to Apply Eyeliner

Struggling with shaky hands every time you apply your eyeliner yourself? Make sure to rest your elbow on a hard surface. This way your hand will be steady, reducing chances of making the liner lose its course.

Use a small, cosmetic, hand-held mirror while applying eyeliner. These mirrors generally magnify the image, giving you a close and detailed view of your eye shape. This will help you achieve a clean and precise eyeliner look.

how to apply eyeliner - easy hacks

How to Apply Eyeliner on Your Lower Lash

While sticking to the top gives a classy look, you can amp up your eyeliner game once in a while. To avoid overdoing the look when lining your lower eyelash, take the tip of your liquid eyeliner brush and dot every lower lash root. Avoid drawing a solid line, which makes the eye lokks excessively dark.

How to apply eyeliner on lower lid

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How to Apply Eyeliner Without any Gaps

It is normal to leave out small gaps in between because the skin just above your lashes can have creases. To avoid this, try to pull up your eyelids from the end to stretch the skin.

But following this method, every day is not advisable. Another good technique, believe it or not, is to simply look towards the sides. This makes your skin taut, thus avoiding gaps and making the look sharp and sober.

How to Apply Winged Eyeliner

The most dreaded style of eyeliner is also the most loved one! All of us aim to perfect the art of applying a winged eyeliner but we almost always mess it up.

Wing it

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One issue is that we often end up with extra thick wings that look terrible! To solve this, you have to find the natural angle of your lower lash line. Figure out the angle, map it up and slowly follow it to make an outline. Then fill it up with a liquid eyeliner.

The difficult part of acing this style is failing to match the angle and thickness of the liner on both eyes. Avoid asymmetry by initially marking two dots on either eye and then draw the lines accordingly.

If you are still struggling with mastering this style, use your credit card and hold it at an angle straight from your lower lash line. This will help you understand your eye shape initially.

How to Make Your Eyeliner Less Smokey

Sometimes, applying eyeliner both your eyelids and the bottom of your eye might make the look more smokey which is not suitable on a daily basis. Also, they can give you major dark circles if you are a regular.

make it less smokey

To avoid this, use a fine brush and apply eyeliner as close to your lashes as possible and then use a smudge brush to avoid blending. Another technique if to line up your lower eyelash only halfway.

Messed Up Your Liner? Here is How You Can Correct It

When things just do not seem to line up, there are several hacks to help you clean up your messes.

  • A dab of concealer or primer can work wonders in hiding an eyeliner smudge.
  • Clean up smudges using a cotton swab dipped in petroleum jelly. Another great way to get rid of the messed up liner is by using a lip gloss as your emergency smudge remover.
  • Not to mention, if you are feeling fancy, hide away misplaced liner with a dark eye shadow.

Word of advice: Take the leap! Mastering the perfect eyeliner look is not going to happen in a day.

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