How to Get Real & Free Instagram Followers Instantly

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How to Get Real & Free Instagram Followers Instantly


If you are an influencer, the first thing that pops into your mind after joining Instagram is how to increase Instagram followers. Whenever you see an influencer with a huge number of following you start imagining yourself with that fanbase. Isn’t it?  Although, we all are aware that it has become a kind of trend to buy Instagram followers for free. 

But do you really think that eminent marketers and brand managers do not know how to recognize fake vs real followers? 

You will be shocked but they know how to set apart influencers with fake followers. 

Although, buying followers is an easy and quick way to increase your desired number of followers. But is it really worth it?

According to me, being authentic to yourself is foremost. 

Therefore, I am going to tell you a few things you can do right away to gain at least 500-600 real (quality!), followers for your Instagram account. 

First, let us see why having real followers is good for you?

Why You Should Have Real Followers?

Having real followers will help you with these two major points:

Being True to Yourself

The first and most important thing, that I already mentioned is it helps you in maintaining the authenticity of your page and being true to yourself.

Ask this question to yourself- 

If you already have fake followers will you have the urge to create extraordinary content that will make people follow you? 

My answer simply is NO. You will be satisfied by looking at the delusional number which ultimately will stop you from thriving. Do you want that? Heck no…!

Brands Will Know

Yes, most of the brands know how to differentiate between influencers with fake followers and real followers. There are even some tools which help people to differentiate accounts with fake followers. New information right?

Therefore, it will be better if you target your audiences in a logical and real manner.

Also, whenever you pitch to a brand they often ask about the engagement rate on your profile. By looking at the number of followers, the brand will expect a higher engagement rate than you actually have. This can become a huge problem if you have unusual fake followers.

To become the best on Instagram, you definitely need your admirers or say, followers. To increase your followers quickly follow these easy steps which are tried and tested by many. 

How to Gain Real Instagram Followers?

Finally, it is time to become Insta famous with an explode of followers. There are many short-term ways to increase your Instagram followers. Accomplish your Instagram goals with these hacks:

Make Proper Use of Hashtag

Here comes a little bit of research work or I say our favorite- stalk work? (LOL!) You need to find out what hashtag other bloggers in your niche are using. You can even Google or find out apps 1 to help you with hashtags to use for say, fashion-related content. 

Another best trick is to make one of own your hashtag (which should be a mix of common and unique words) and use it in each of your posts, stories and on every other social media platform that you are using. 

Also, ask your followers to use this hashtag if they are creating a similar kind of content.  They will be glad to join the clan. For example- currently, Marsplay community members are using #marsplaytribe in all of their posts on the app. 

Just like Marsplay Super blogger- Nupur Munot is using Instagram hashtags it is really appreciated. She has above 5k followers on Marsplay App and 21.9k followers on Instagram. Isn’t it amazing! 😍
It is not important to use a hashtag related to your profile but you can go out of your genre to gain followers quickly. For example, try using #tbt #instagood #photooftheday on your posts and then see your Instagram followers increasing for free. 

Leave CommentsInstagram Followers Free

Another thing that worked really fast for me is to comment on other’s posts and ask them to check your profile.  

What I generally do is first I give their post a compliment and then ask if they will check my profile and tell what they think about it or simply ask for reviews.  

It is even better if that profile has loyal followers who check all their comments. There are high chances of getting views on your profile with this hack. 

Here- Pinkvilla has commented on Ayushmann Khurana’s Instagram post to increase their visibility on Instagram.

Make Use of Your Bio URL

Instagram followers Real

I suggest to keep on changing the bio link on your profile from time to time. Have you ever thought of putting your Instagram post link of your most popular or newest content in your bio? 

If not, this is the time. This is a clickable link and it will directly take the user to your post you want, hence, increase the chances of getting more followers. 

Marsplay Super blogger- Swini is using her Instagram bio very creatively by adding a link of her latest Youtube video.

Get Creative with Captions

Being creative with Instagram captions is really important. You shouldn’t just throw information but you should try to connect with people in a better way through creative captions. 

A few things you might see in an engaging Instagram caption:

  • Clever or Witty Comments
  • Calls to Action
  • Relevant Emojis
  • Hashtags

If the person reading your caption gets motivated to follow you immediately, then it’s a great win. 

Marsplay Super blogger- Mahi Bakshi has all in her Instagram caption- wit, call to action, emoji, and hashtags.

For more ideas, read, – How to Write Short & Cute Instagram Caption with Examples

Remove Unwanted Tagged Photos From Your Profile

Instagram Followers

Maybe you never realized but your tagged photos section affects in gaining Instagram followers a lot. So, keep on checking and removing weekly any unnecessary tags on your profile. 

You can simply click to Post Options- then go to either click on ‘Remove Tag’ or switch off from ‘Show in Your Profile’ button. 

Get Local

View this post on Instagram

Celebrated 2nd Anniversary of Kai Shop at @selectcitywalk Delhi . Thank you for having me @kai_india @kai_beautycare I loved all the products. Introducing you some of their beauty care products Swipe left to see the products picture 1. Slide powder brush/KQ3231: Compatible with powder cosmetics such as face powder, powder / powder foundation, powder teak, highlight / shading powder. The length of the hair can be adjusted with a three-stage slide, so you can finish your makeup to the impression you want. 2. Kai HC0870 Manicure Tool Set: A manicure tool set is a must have, its the most convenient way to give your nails that last minute touch up. KAI Japan's Manicure Tool Set includes 3 manicure essentials that are more than enough to give you those parlor like nails, it includes a cuticle remover and two nail pickers. Features: • Manicure nail care kit • For healthy nails and cuticles • Get salon like nails at home • Comes in a set of 3 • Made in Japan 3. Kai 000HL0352 Pressed Powder Foundation Puff: KAI Japan Pressed Powder Foundation Puff easily applies pressed powder on the face and keeps makeup in place for a longer period of time. It is a smooth puff made from the finest cotton, that helps you get your best look. Features: • Ideal for applying pressed powder evenly • Provides a firm grip for an easy application • A Staple item of base makeup • Made from cotton that feels smooth on the skin • Country of Origin: Japan • Product size (width depth height): 70 mm 12 mm 120 mm Pack includes: 2 x Pressed Powder Foundation Puff • • • • • #2ndanniversary #kaishop #kaiindia #kaibeauty #influencer #selectcitywalk #saket #beautyinfluencer #beautyproducts #review #themodishmiss

A post shared by Khushboo Anwani (@themodishmiss) on

Marsplay blogger- Khusboo Anwani 

Putting locations can help you in gaining Instagram followers quicker than you think. People will connect better if you attend nearby events and add the locations and give them the event updates. Do not forget to add the location in your posts.   

Give a Call to Action

call to action is an invitation for a user to take some desired action. Get real and write a direct caption on which people can respond. Lastly, don’t hesitate to make use of your sense of humor. Your audience here doesn’t expect formal messaging as they do on other social media channels or your professional blog.

It is important that you include a call to action on all your posts on which people would like to engage. It should be short, easy and super engaging. 

For example- Famous influencer- Jay Shetty has added two perfect call-to-actions on his post:

– Tag 4 friends that need to see this👇
– Don’t let 1 thing stop you from limitless paths

Make Unique Visual Style of Your Profile

Tips to Increase Instagram Followers


The quality of the post matters a lot on Instagram. If you upload a boring post, unfortunately, you will end up with very few followers, therefore a bad post is a big NO for Instagrammers. Make your posts visually appealing and be consistent with your content.  

For this, you should also know about basic photography, picture, and video editing tools and tricks.  

These will help you to guide in photography and editing tricks:

10 Killer Hacks to Home Photography using Smartphone

The Greatest Guide To Making Engaging Fashion Videos For Social Media

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Design a Great Instagram Feed

Interact with Other Relevant Influencers

Popular fashion blogger Santoshi Shetty made interaction with another famous fashion blogger Komal Pandey by commenting on her Instagram post.

What grows your Instagram profile and followers is how you research to get the right followers. Seriously, following those or interacting on profiles which are not related to your genre (say, fashion) will never give you followers as you expect. Therefore, it is imperative you choose the right profile to increase followers in just no time.

You will see a major increase in the number of followers you are getting if you start interacting with other influencers on their posts. 

You can even think of connecting with them offline which builds a strong relationship and helps to connect with others as well.

Instagram Followers Apps and Tools

There are different tools to manage your Instagram accounts. You can set up the account as per your needs and automate following features like follow/unfollow, like, etc. You can easily find some online free or paid tools for this. For example- Upleap, Sendible, Hootsuite, etc. 

Know Where to Your Invest Time and Energy

You should know where exactly you need to invest your time which can gain more followers for you. Keep on researching popular influencers, trending posts, profiles to interact, discussions to be a part of, etc. through which you can gain Instagram followers real instantly. 

Optimize Your Profile

Instagram Followers Buy

Make your profile look good by completing all details, tell your potential followers who you are and finally give them a strong reason to follow you. Make sure you give a hint of your personality in bio. It is really important to fill in each and every detail in your profile. 

Marsplay Blogger- Twinkle Sharma has everything in her bio which is also short and simple. It is not looking cluttered with all the relevant information anyone would need.
She is describing her personality, added a small detail about her education, the genre of her blog and other contacts/social media details.

Make Personal Connection

Making a personal relation with your followers is imperative. Then only you can expect a word of mouth about your presence and acquaintances of your followers will follow your profile.  This will take you one step closer to get Instagram followers absolutely free in no time. 

Tag Accounts who Feature Your Type of Content

There are accounts on Instagram who feature discrete content. To get Instagram followers instantly free you should find those content through hashtags and start tagging them in your posts. This increases the chance to get featured on their profile and apparently getting more followers.

Marsplay features fashion bloggers with great dress sense. So, if you want to get featured on Marsplay Instagram page or get added in India’s largest fashion community, DM us on

Collaborate with Other Influencers

Popular travel blogger Larissa collaborated with a famous fashion blogger Aashna Shroff which gets really exciting for the followers of both the profiles which in return can get you more followers quickly.

Another solid point to increase followers on Instagram is to collaborate with other influencers. This is the best way to kickstart getting followers on your profile. Pitch to influencers and bloggers you like for collaboration and you will start receiving floods of followers.

As we all know that business opportunities are growing quickly on Instagram and apps like Marsplay, therefore, it becomes imperative that you have a great social media presence.

These tips will help you increase your Instagram followers for free in a short time. Handling social media isn’t an easy task, just like this instantly increasing Instagram followers for free is not that easy but constant efforts will do it. Therefore remember this also: 

 Slow and steady wins the race. 

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  1. Great Post. When it comes to increasing Instagram followers then two things are more important, Quality content and its promotion. Without great content, you cannot win followers, no matter how many tips you take on the board. Content should be on trending topics and should be posted according to the need of the audience.

    Hashtags increase the visibility of the content. The more you’ll add, the more content would be visible and you’ll gain more new followers. I’ll recommend adding 10-15 hashtags in a post. Don’t use Hashtags like #followback or #like4like, these will only attract bot followers. I totally agree that the best trick is to make one of own your hashtags. But, For those who cannot produce more than 5 hashtags.

    I have tried some of these tips and results are awesome.

    I really enjoyed reading this post. It is interesting and informative. The use of visuals makes this post more understandable. Collaborate with other Influencers sounds a great idea to increase the followers. I’ll work on it. I’ll work on it and I hope I achieve my chosen end results.

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