Rock Your Fav Formal Skirt Outside Office In These 6 Proven Ways

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Rock Your Fav Formal Skirt Outside Office In These 6 Proven Ways


The trouble of having a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear is real. Also, there is only so much you can shop at a time! The answer to this predicament is not always shopping for new clothes but repurposing what you already own. In this article, let us discuss how you can gracefully try on your formal skirt (that you have stocked up for your workdays) outside the office!

blake lively

It is not every day that we get to wear our favorite formal skirt at work. Often, we tend to buy a lot of them and stuff our wardrobes with very few occasions to wear them at work. Let us not wait for an important meeting to be scheduled to style our favorite formal skirts as we can easily wear it for other events, as regular as running an errand. Let us look at the styling options!

Glam Up For The Date Night

There is no need to restrict your formal skirt to just your office days. All you need is a strappy top to pair up with the skirt and you can easily style it into your date night ensemble. Go for a striking black skirt that goes below y0ur knees and team it up with a white top. You can also go for an all-black look in this case, or style a bright red top instead.

formal skirt - nina dobrev

Nina Dobrev

Choose a top with a hint of bling to it to add the much-needed glam to the look. Accessorize with sparkly heels and a light clutch and you are good to go.

Street Style In A Formal Skirt

Embrace your love for street style fashion in ways you have not tried before. Are you running out of ideas to style your hot pants with your sneakers to ace the street style look? Take major fashion inspiration from Zendaya who is brilliantly rocking a casual look in a grey pencil skirt and a funky top.

formal skirt - zendaya


Well, it is time to take out your formal pencil skirt from the wardrobe and pair it up with cool-girl crop top and dad sneakers. To make a pencil skirt look less formal, pairing them up with a pair of comfortable sneakers is a great idea. You can also go for a cropped hoodie with the look. Style your hair in a top-knot bun to round off the look.

Meeting Your Friends for Brunch?

Brunch wear starts to get old once you are over your floral dresses and the maxi skirts. But with this new idea of repurposing your formal skirt for outside the office looks, you can amp up your style and go for unique outfit options.

formal skirt - bella thorne

Bella Thorne

To get this idea moving, choose a skirt that is light in color to perfectly resonate with the day look you are trying to create. The next step is to pair this up with a pretty floral or patterned top. Go for color options that match the skirt to elevate the look and pair it up with bright-colored sandals.

A Long Coat For Your Formal Skirt

Are you not over your long, trench coat yet? Pencil skirts have proven to be a great outfit choice to layer under long coats. All you have to do is pair it up with a solid-colored top and tuck it inside the skirt. This style looks great with midi formal skirts.

formal skirt - kourtney

Kourtney Kardashian

Take cues from celebrities and opt for the over-the-shoulder approach of styling long coats instead of wearing them all the way. Finish off the look with trendy sandals and a stylish handbag.

Does the LBD Feel Boring Yet?

Planning to go clubbing but have nothing new to wear and no time to shop? These predicaments just do not seem to end. Also, it is hardly sensible to go shopping for every time you want to go out with your friends for a party. To make your evening look stand out and different, make use of your formal skirt.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

To ace this attempt, let go of the black color that seems to be the standard for your clubbing nights. Instead, style the colorful formal skirt that you could not wear to work, wondering if it was out of place! Pair up a skirt that has a formal silhouette but with varied prints all over with a strappy black camisole or top. Add to this a chic pair of glossy heels.

Saturday Morning Look In a Formal Skirt

Your formal skirt can be a great styling option not just for evening looks but also for a trendy day look. Go for this Jennifer Aniston approved look and pair up a sleek pencil skirt with a regular tank top. To make the look feel more feminine and not formal, ensure to tuck in the top inside the skirt.

jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston

For this ensemble, go for skirts that end far before your knees or you can also wear it a little further above your waist. Pair this up with nude sandals and you are ready for some errands. You can also opt for bright colors for this look if you are stepping out on a summer day. If you want to keep the look more subtle, then a monochrome in black is the way to go!

The fashion scene is evolving and you cannot stick to the stereotypes of style anymore. Sure, there is a formula and rules to everything but it does not mean that you should not cultivate your own personal style and try out ensembles that may not be as common. Styling your formal skirt outside your office is one such attempt to wear outfit pieces to occasions you generally would not be advised about! Try these amazing, unique styles and slay them skirts every day!

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