Santoshi Shetty Shows Best Eyeshadow Colours For 2020

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Santoshi Shetty Shows Best Eyeshadow Colours For 2020


Like many other admirers of famous fashion blogger ‘Santoshi Shetty’, I am one of them. I love how she pulls off each looks so confidently, gracefully and innovatively. Santoshi Shetty is the ultimate trendsetter be it an athleisure, ethnic or a modern look. She is well-known for her versatile choice in clothing and makeup which is much appreciated by her followers. Like these days she is giving major inspiration on using best eyeshadow trends of this season.

You can always find her trying something new and different.

This time again she is killing it by setting this new eyeshadow trend which everyone is trying to crack. Like always, she again gave us a fashionable delight by choosing this poppy and geometrical shaped eyeshadow colors.

Let’s check some chic eyeshadow trends that Santoshi Shetty is creating a buzz with.

Say it with Neon!

Neon colors can never go wrong. There is no need to keep neon colors confined to just outfits. Now you can rock the neon trend wearing it in eyeshadow too.

Graphic Eyeliner is a Thing Now!

If winged eyeliner is too passe` for you then you should try something like this. Creating sharp shapes will highlight the eye area and make it look super sexy.

Pink for the Babe

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Wear pink eyeshadow even with black monochrome outfits because girls can never have enough of this color. Add glitter to make it look even better.

No Better Combo Than Emerald and Gold

This is the type of look that I would want to pull off every day. It is easy, simple and so much fun to create this look by using such poppy colors.

Make it Pop!

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Use pastel colors to make your look even better. You can give your basic monochrome look a stylish upgrade just by applying poppy eyeshadow.

Cool Kid in the Town

Bring out the pop in your eyes by choosing a color like yellow. Just by applying an eyeshadow/eyeliner of a bright color like yellow will escalate your look into a stylish one.

Have you Tried Olive Green Yet?

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Electric Blue Eyeshadow

Glam Eyes

New Angle to Eyeshadow

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Learn how to ace the eyeshadow from this Marsplay user. 


These were only a few of her looks in different shades and shapes of eyeshadows this girl is playing with.
I hope you loved these Santoshi Shetty images and how amazingly she pulled off her looks.
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