How to Dress Up in Saree For Farewell Party In School?

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How to Dress Up in Saree For Farewell Party In School?


Finally, the time has come to bid adieu to your loved school/college mates. However, not without a last fun time together. That last goodbye can only be done through a rocking Farewell party. Although the biggest issue for everyone on their farewell is WHAT TO WEAR??? Indeed, this is the most challenging question that haunts us even more than our final exams. For that, we have multiple designs of saree for farewell to try out this season.

But you don’t have to worry guys! I have got your back for this. I am here to help you choose the best outfit for your farewell party. Whether you want to pick a pretty girlish looking saree or a beautiful dress, we have options for everybody.

So, let’s begin with a few ideas about what you should wear to your farewell party.

Solid Sarees with Borders For Farewell

One of the best ways to pull out a decent yet fashionable look on your farewell party is to opt for a solid colour saree with broad borders. This is the most basic yet stylish look that you can choose for your farewell. Again, the best part is that you can find this kind of saree at most of the saree sellers and in almost every colour. You can pick any colour according to your choice or skin tone.

Farewell Saree

Blue Solid Saree with Golden Border

Farewell Saree

Grey Saree with Black Borders

TIP: Our tip is to go for a saree with golden or silver border. It gives the saree a fancy yet subtle look. Another tip is to wear a watch if you don’t want to add on bangles with the look.

Finally, keep your hair open with minimal makeup for an elegant look with your farewell party saree.

Saree with a Modern Touch

If you love wearing western clothes and wearing saree is really a big deal for you then you should go for this particular farewell saree look. The Indo-western is for all the girls who want to try something new for their farewell look. We believe ‘Different is Always Good.’

Saree with Pants for Farewell

Saree with Pants

Nowadays, wearing saree with shapewear is passe`! Try this all-new look by wearing your saree with a full-sleeved blouse and white pants rather than a shape-skirt. This will take your look to a whole new level.

Saree with Cropped Top for Farewell

Cropped Top with Saree

Saree with Cropped Top

Rather than a blouse, you can choose to wear a cropped top with your saree. It will have the perfect fitting that you need to show your curves and you don’t even have to do the struggle to get it stitched from the tailor.

@Debby is giving us major goals on how to style our farewell party saree.

Classic Black Look for Farewell Party

In spite of being the colour not meant for summer, the love for BLACK can never leave the heart of any fashionista in the world. Plus, a silk cotton saree is exactly what you need to look like a diva. You can opt for other bright hues other than black too.

Silk Cotton for Farewell Saree

TIP: You can go a little heavy on makeup with this saree. Highlighter and red lipstick is an excellent choice with this kind of classic look. At last, gold jhumka will help you complete the farewell saree look.

Ruffles for farewell sarees!

The farewell is that time when everyone is keen to know what others are wearing and how they are going to look. And you are stressed out to keep up with the fashionista tag you have got in college. For that, a basic look is just not enough for you. What about a ruffle saree?

Ruffled Saree Look

Ruffle Saree for Farewell

Ruffles have been in trend since long, and we cannot just get over it. Wear a ruffled saree to your farewell party to turn the heads. You can either pair it with a cropped top or a custom made blouse. Lastly, complete the look with a couple of tassel earrings and hair tied in a clean bun.

TIP: You can get your basic saree stitched in a ruffle one if you don’t want to buy a whole new saree. Buy an extra piece of cloth which goes best with the saree and ask any tailor to stitch it along the borders of the saree. Woohoo! You are ready with a whole new saree without spending much.

Minimal Makeup is the Key

Make up for Saree

Minimal Makeup

The main thing about your look is makeup. Therefore, we recommend going with minimal makeup for the farewell party. As too much makeup can totally spoil the look. A little bit of highlighter and peachy eyeshadow would be the best for a dewy look in the summer.

Experiment with Blouse

Experimenting is the key to create an exciting new look. And the best you can experiment with is the blouse as the actual look of the saree is incomplete without a fancy blouse. Try new styles like net, ruffles, off-shoulder, backless, etc. for creating an excellent farewell look.

Net Blouse

Net Blouse

An Off-shoulder Blouse

Off-shoulder Trend

Dress for the Ladies!

If you don’t want to wear a saree for your farewell, opt for a dress. You can either go with a maxi dress or a cute short dress. In fact, a dress is the most comfortable outfit and easiest to carry, and you can enjoy the party with complete ease and comfort in a farewell dress.

Floral Dress for Farewell Party

Floral Dress

Look flawless in a floral dress which looks fantastic at the farewell party.

Skater Dress for farewell Party

Skater Dress

Or you can wear a solid skater dress in bright hues like blue and make a fashionable appearance at your college farewell.

That’s it, girls! These were some fantastic farewell party dress ideas which can make you win the ‘Best Dressed’ Title at your farewell.

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We hope that you loved all these farewell looks. Let us know which farewell outfit you would like to wear in your farewell.

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