Self-Quarantine Productivity Hacks: 10 Useful Tips to Come Out Stronger From This Mess

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Self-Quarantine Productivity Hacks: 10 Useful Tips to Come Out Stronger From This Mess


We are used to the daily hustle and strenuous work commitments. This makes the current self-quarantine periods quite a challenge for us. While we strive to keep ourselves and our dear ones safe during this mess, it is important that we also use this time for our own benefit – this could be about learning new skills or taking up an old hobby. Productivity during self-quarantine is vital as it can also help us keep our mind off the scary stats we are seeing each day!

If you are a ‘couch potato’ and is desperate for ideas to keep yourself busy and productive during self-quarantine, here is a quick, useful guide for you!

Read a Book

Many of us are avid readers and spent our childhood engrossed in our favorite fiction novels. But as the world became more fast-paced, the habit has either washed away or we could never seem to take the time out to sit with a new book of the genre we so love.  Your self-quarantine period is the best time to start a new book.

This will not also keep you stay productive but also work to help you stay calm and not panic during this chaos. Another benefit? You can restart your old hobby and well, that gives a great sense of satisfaction.

Practice Meditation and Yoga

There can be no better time to take up yoga and meditation that now. Almost most of us want to start meditating and inculcating the best practices of yoga but more often than not, we do not seem to have the time. Meditation builds patience and calm and its benefits can now be rightfully channeled to help us stay sane during self-quarantine. If you are a total beginner and wondering how to start off with yoga, here is an article that can help –

20-Minute Yoga Workout Routine for Beginners To Ease Your Mind and Body

Kickstart Your Passion Project

Have you always dreamt of doing something but you never had the time for? It might be that we have always had the time, it just that we have been postponing it. So, if you have something like that – maybe learning to paint or kickstarting your first book or starting your own blog, this is the perfect time to do it. Make use of your self-quarantine and do that one thing you always looked forward to.

Clear the Clutter And Breathe Afresh

Life can be tiring during normal times. Working 9 to 5 or sometimes more, followed by all the other responsibilities you need to fulfill as an adult. In the midst of all this chaos, there is hardly ever the time or energy to clear all the clutter in our wardrobe or the makeup drawer or maybe just the cupboard which is full of random stuff since forever.

People always seem to designate certain Sundays to get this job done but almost always fail to. Instead of getting bored during self-quarantine, indulge in some productivity clutter-clearing job and you will be thankful later!

Learn New Skills To Build Up That Resume

Learning a new skill not only helps in your professional growth but can also drive motivation and high levels of confidence to help you in your personal growth too. If you are strictly a fashion blogger, maybe learn how to kickstart a travel or lifestyle blog? You can also sign up on the various online courses available on the internet to learn new subjects or skills and get certifications. This will give your resume a boost and subsequently, your career.

learn a new skill during self-quarantine

Exercise At Home And Stay Fit

Sitting at home all day can make you lazy and also have harmful effects on your health. You may start to gain unhealthy weight or feel lethargic the entire time under self-quarantine. With all the gyms closed and everything under lockdown, you should start exercising at home.

Celebrities like Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandez and Rakulpreet are all sharing amazing tips on their Instagram handles to inspire you to stay fit and healthy at home.

Do Your Bit for the Environment

With things slowing down around us, it is now the time to consider things with a bit more perspective. When was the last time you planted a tree? Take inspiration from the cutest Taimur Ali Khan and plant a tree today and let it grow in your balcony or terrace. You do not have to step out to do this!

Bring Your Old Hobby to Life

Do you have a lot of your old painting masterpieces hanging on the walls of your house? Why not use this self-quarantine time to add more to the collection? Use this time to revisit your old hobbies, be it painting or writing or playing songs on an instrument. This is will definitely give you a confidence boost and help you stay productive and divert your mind from the chaos.

Check Up On Your Friends

Adult life is very demanding and by the end of every day, most of you may not have the time or energy to check up on old friends. While everybody is stuck at home during this self-quarantine period, pick up your cellphone and call the friends you always think about but never get the time to call. You can also use this opportunity to advise them to stay at home to help keep themselves and their family safe.

Check up on your friends during self-quarantine

Spend Time With Your Family And Loved Ones

You can finally spend time with your family, all day! In the daily rush, we hardly get time to talk to our parents and elders about how they are keeping up with everything in their lives. In these times of panic, the elderly can get scared and start to panic because of all the rumors and stats going around. Spend some quality time, play board games and watch movies to keep them motivated during these trying times.

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  1. […] Self-Quarantine Productivity Hacks: 10 Useful Tips to Come Out Stronger From This Mess […]

  2. […] Self-Quarantine Productivity Hacks: 10 Useful Tips to Come Out Stronger From This Mess […]