8 Skincare Tips You Should Swear By For Glowing Skin

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8 Skincare Tips You Should Swear By For Glowing Skin

If you are aiming to achieve great skin this year, take notes from the habits of those who have perfect and luminous skin and incorporate them in your routine.

Having a glowing and healthy skin is everyone’s dream. No matter what people say, but having healthy skin is not possible with just skincare products. For healthy skin, a proper and a healthy lifestyle also needs to be maintained. Every good thing requires a routine and self-control. When it comes to having healthy skin, the story is no different.

Various Bollywood celebrities have their own mantras for a glowing skin. Jacqueline Fernandez’s guide to a radiant skin is really easy and can be followed by everyone.

“Aim to drink a lot of water,” she writes in her (Insta) story.

Jacqueline’s take on aging is “Ageing is beautiful. Let’s embrace it. Especially cute laugh wrinkles around eyes. It means that you have lived well.” However, one very important tip to maintain skin quality is investing in a good sunscreen. Jacqueline labels it as “best investment!”


Apart from her Kareena Kapoor Khan is also praised for her glowing skin. In an interview with a newspaper, Kareena talks about her skincare routine and says,

“I’m not too fastidious about my skincare routine. I keep it simple by washing my face with warm water and using a basic moisturizer.”

So if you are aiming to achieve great skin this year, take notes from the habits of those who have perfect and luminous skin and incorporate them in your routine. With only 4 months left for the year to end, follow these steps for a guaranteed glowing skin by the end of the year.

1. Cleanse your Skin Before Going to Bed

The most important step to achieve healthy skin is to always remove makeup before going to bed. This will not only give your skin time to breathe but also help prevent clogged pores and breakouts. After removing your makeup well make sure to wash your face. Apart from the sun damage, air pollutants also damage your skin. Therefore it is important to play it safe and remove your makeup and wash your face.


Remove your makeup before going to bed

2. Use a Sunscreen, Always!

If you tend to ignore using sunscreen, – you are making a huge mistake. From dermatologist to skin experts to beauty bloggers, using sunscreen is the first advice they give for healthy and glowy skin. Sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun by blocking those rays and radiations. It also protects the skin from skin damage and saves your skin from tanning thereby giving your face a natural glow.


Do not step out of the house without using a sunscreen

3. Stop Being a Couch Potato

Keep at least 30 minutes a day for exercise as maintaining a healthy body will also lead to a healthy life and keep your mind in equilibrium. Exercise helps you wash out toxins from your body and will also help in blood circulation, and also accelerate the cleansing process of your body. Better than gymming one should practice yoga as it contributes to your overall well being and different asanas help cure and prevent different ailments and also slows down the process of aging. You’ll notice a post-workout glow on your face after a workout.

Exercise helps you wash out toxins from your body

To maintain that glow, do not forget skincare after a workout. After coming from a workout clean your face with cold water. Follow it by applying a toner to help control oil production. After that exfoliate your skin and then moisturize your skin with a body butter or essential oils.

Add yoga to your routine for a healthy skin

4. Stay Hydrated

Hydrate yourself regularly. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Drinking adequate amount of water helps in flushing out the harmful toxins from your body in the form of sweat and urine. Since water has a cooling effect it keeps your body cool and hydrated.


Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day

It also keeps your body toxin-free and your face glowing.  Apart from water eat fruits and vegetables which are rich in water content such as watermelon, muskmelons, cucumber, and oranges. Drink water and glow from the inside, out.

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5. Get a Good Nights Sleep

To have healthy skin it is very important to get a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep in a day. Lack of sleep is clearly visible on your face and makes your skin look tired and older. You can also spot dark circles under your eyes, which makes your skin look dull. Therefore it is very important to have a good sleep.

Get a good 8 to 9 hours of sleep in a day

If you are having trouble sleeping and wake up in during your sleep, try relaxation techniques such as meditation. If you love fragrances then you can also diffuse some sweet fragrances in your room before going to sleep or spritz some aromatic oil on your pillow. Always make sure that your room is completely dark before you go to sleep. While going to sleep, keep your mind free from all the negative thoughts and keep it tension free.

6. You are What You Eat

It is said that you are what you eat! You can have a glowing face only when you’re healthy from inside. No matter how much skincare you do, eating healthy food is the primary step for glowing skin. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and green and leafy vegetables for healthy skin.


Eat healthy for a glowing skin

Include food items with sufficient Vitamins and protein for radiant skin. Cut down on spicy and fermented food items, carbonated drinks, alcohol, sugar, artificial sugar, additives, and caffeine.

7. Clean your Make Up Brushes For a Clear Skin

If you are a regular user of makeup products, remember to wash your brushes and sponges regularly. In a recent study, it was found out that a majority of women don’t wash their brushes on a regular basis. Due to this, the brushes collect bacteria and germs, which can cause breakouts and acne, in turn crushing your dreams for a clearer and radiant skin.


Wash your makeup regularly

Wash your brushes every two to three weeks with a mild shampoo and rinse them with lukewarm water. Pat dry them and let them dry.

8. Say Cheese!!

The last but not the least is to remember to smile. Keep a smile on your face and it will help maintain the tone of your facial muscles and skin and also make you look younger and beautiful.


Smiling helps in the circulation of blood in the facial muscles

We hope you follow these tips regularly and achieve a glowing skin.

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