7 Different Ideas to Wear Striped Outfits in 2019

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7 Different Ideas to Wear Striped Outfits in 2019


Among all the other prints and patterns, stripes are what we love the most. This print is the easiest to style and a classic of all time. Sometimes, it feels like we are so done with monochrome and solid outfits, but don’t worry you’ve got STRIPE OUTFITSby your side. There are multiple variations to wear striped outfits, you just have to choose the right one for you!

Stripes never actually go out of fashion, can be paired with anything you want and looks great on everyone. What’s not to love in striped outfits?

So, let’s start about how we can wear the striped outfit in a complete stylish way. We are sharing some simple tips and tricks to slay the striped looks.

1. Try Colourful Striped Outfits

In order to make yourself look fashionable, you have to experiment with your looks. We bet there’s nothing better than stripe to start experimenting with. Take baby steps by trying a colourfully striped outfit rather than just wearing black and white striped pattern. There are multiple combinations that you can go with.

Colourful Striped Outfits

Try dresses with stripes in bright red or yellow if you are confident enough.

Denim jackets and fanny packs are the love of every girl these days. You can pair them with an endless number of outfits and it will look amazing always.

Inject some colours to your basic outfits by wearing a colourful striped top and pair it with your black jeans.

2. Don’t Restrict Yourself to Just Tops

Styling stripes are certainly tough but it doesn’t mean you should be restricted to just a striped t-shirt and jeans look. Although striped tops are a rage, it’s quite basic and must be replaced with something more voguish that can set a style statement. So, why not try wearing a striped bottom? It does look awesome girls!

Striped Bottomwear

For a look that stays ahead of fashion try striped pants/palazzos with one-shoulder ruffle top. For completing the look go for a classy watch and a statement ring.

3. Pair Your Striped Bottom with a Solid T-shirt

Stripes in itself is bold and pairing it with some other print can make it look too much sometimes. To make sure that the whole look is not overdone, pair your stripes with a simple/plain t-shirt or a graphic t-shirt to the maximum extent. Remember less is always more!

You can either go with a matching top or think of adding some colour to the look by pairing a different colour top with your striped pants.

4. Try Different Striped Outfits


A skort is basically a combination of a skirt and shorts. Style a basic t-shirt with a high waisted mini skort for casual daytime vibes. Also, you can skip wearing heels and opt for cute slippers for the perfect vacay vibes.

striped outfits for summer.

For elevating the look , accessorize it with a matching fanny pack, a round hat, and an oval sunglasses.

TIP: Choose vertical stripes, if you want to look tall.


If you’re looking to add some serious style to your weekend wardrobe, you can’t overlook a casual jumpsuit. Relaxed, super comfortable and oh-so-chic. Moreover, jumpsuits are more fun when they have stripes on it.

Striped Jumpsuit

A casual jumpsuit is a perfect item to get you out of your jeans and t-shirt.

For a panache effect, add a matching choker necklace with your striped jumpsuit.

Again, jumpsuit with vertical stripes is a boon to every short girl, as vertical stripes make you look taller.


As summer is approaching, there’ll be frequent pool parties, brunch, beach days etc. In all the hustle-bustle and summer heat it’s very tough to choose the PERFECT summer outfit, well no more!

Striped Outfit- Co-ords

Striped separates can do work wonders if you are wearing it nicely. Go with a ruffled top with long slit skirt and pair it with matching strappy heels.

Co-ords look super fashionable and they are so easy to pair. They are so comfortable that you can wear them for the summer shopping days with your bestie or wear it to a brunch date. It will look fab always!

5. Mix and Match Your Striped Outfits

Stripes are the neutral prints so they work easily paired with a contrasting print. By mix and match different prints your look can get elevated in no second. Other than that, prints have a wide range of possibilities and combinations.

TIP: If the colours look good together, the prints will look good too.

For the start, you can wear a high-neck striped top along with a checked skirt. Complete the look by layering it with a contrasting shrug and peachy heels.

6. Side Stripes

If you don’t feel like going in complete striped outfits, you can go with a side striped bottom wear and pair it with matching top. For elevating the look pair red heels with the look. This look is minimal yet the outcome is super stylish.

7. Layering with Striped Outfits

Layer with striped outfits

One chic way of wearing stripes is to layer your outfit with a cool and classy striped coat. It will give your outfit an edge and take it to another level. Wear a polka dot jumpsuit and layer it with a striped coat. Thank us later, for a number of compliments you are going to get with this look.

So, these were some different ideas in which you can style your basic striped outfits in creative ways.

Let us know in the comment section below which striped outfit you’d try this season.

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