6 Topmost Best Dressed Business Leaders in 2019

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6 Topmost Best Dressed Business Leaders in 2019


You need more than just a business degree to succeed in business these days. We live in a world where fashion has become an integral part of all spheres of life, be it our personal lives or our professional lives. Our dressing boosts up our confidence, and it is also said that there’s a direct connection between clothes and confidence.

Furthermore, studies have shown that the right clothes boost up your performance to a whole new level.

So, here is our pick of the boardroom personalities who take their style (almost) as seriously as their presentation. These people have conquered the business world time and again, and they have shown us that business and fashion can go hand in hand.

Let’s start the list of Topmost Best Dressed Business Leaders in 2019 and take some serious inspiration from them.

1. Go Monochrome with Eva Chen

Eva Chen is one of the best-dressed businesswomen who is inspiring millions of people with her unique sense of styling. Chen started her career by interning at Harpers Bazaar and is currently the Head of the Fashion Department on Instagram.

Eva Chen Sporting Monochrome Outfits

Talking about her dressing sense, she usually dresses in a mix of high/low. She has been seen wearing a lot of monochrome outfits in formals as well as casuals. From her looks, we have analyzed that she loves to play with prints and colors. We are in complete awe of her cute yet stylish looks.

Eva Chen in Floral Outfits

TIP: Monochromatic outfits are anything but dull and boring! Monochrome is an easy look to create, making it almost impossible to get wrong. It is the best and the most comfortable pick for your work outfit. It not only saves you from all the hassle but also saves your time in deciding the outfit.

2. Colourblock with Victoria Beckham 

You can’t leave Victoria Beckham out of the list best dressed. Being a fashion designer and businesswoman Victoria Beckham is our next Best Dressed Businesswomen.

Victoria is best known for her polished look, minimal accessories, and artistic talent for showing her best at every opportunity. She is a modern style icon from whom fashion admirers can take dressing notes. Besides her minimal dressing style, Victoria has rarely seen without her signature D-frame sunglasses. Sunglasses add the bold look to the overall outfit, and that’s what a businesswoman needs.

L to R: Victoria Beckham in a color blocking outfit, Victoria favoring subtle makeup

Victoria Beckham is the best person to take inspiration from if you prefer comfort along with style. Designer Victoria Beckham brought color blocking back in the game. It’s rare to see Victoria with a bright lip color. Instead, she prefers a subtle smokey eye with nude lips.

Victoria Beckham in Easy Breezy comfortable dresses

Tip: Pair colors that are opposite on the color wheel for a compelling color block outfit look. Always remember to go minimal with your makeup and opt for a subtle ‘no-makeup’ makeup along with your formal outfits.

3. Queen of Vogue- Anna Wintour

As the Editor-in-Chief for the Vogue Magazine and artistic director of Conde Nast publications, she is the most powerful woman in fashion, and her word is given the utmost importance amongst all fashion lovers.

She sticks to the signature style, the one that is best described as feminine and classic. Wintour is almost seen wearing bright hues with bold patterns.

Anna Wintour in a print-on-print ensemble

She is the ultimate style goddess who inspires us all to try different trends and styles. Only Wintour can show us how to wear print-on-print like a pro by wearing a striking floral print dress with an overcoat in contrasting floral print.

Tip: It is a good idea to avoid all-black outfits for formal events. Wear something that in any way, suits your personality and who you are. It is good to experiment and play with different prints to stand out in the crowd. 

4. Lapo Elkann, the Italian American Entrepreneur

Lapo has a saying: “If you want to follow a trend, you’ll be late. If you want to create a trend, you’ll become presumptuous. If you free your own style, fashion can become interesting.”

Lapo Elkann runs the design business Italia Independent and is a creative consultant for Ferrari’s Tailor-Made services. He has also collaborated with luxury brands like Vertu and Gucci, who continue to recruit him for his distinct sense of fashion and bold avatars.

He is a businessman and a style icon. Moreover, he’s a man to steal style from.

Lapo Elkann in casual formals

Elkann’s style shows that he looks better in any color and can carry any color with panache. The color and touchy textures make for an overall style that screams sexy. He loves to wear colors such as electric blue, mustard, and never stick to one color.

Lapo be the best dressed businessmen

Lapo Elkann in bright-colored Pantsuits

Tip: Carrying classic jacket over light neutral trousers considered as smart casual and party attire winning look.

5. Stick to the Classics – Stephan Winkelmann

Being the current president of Bugatti Automobiles and former CEO of Lamborghini comes with certain expectations. These cars are considered to be the most beautiful manmade creature in the world.

Stephan be the best dressed businessmen

Stephan Winkelmann in a classic Formal Pantsuit

So, of course, the man behind it all has to keep up with the expectations. He has consistently dressed to impress in a range of dark, impeccably tailored suits that stand out from a crowd. Stephan prefers wearing dark or pinstriped business suits. He is seen wearing a white shirt and white tie on most occasions and is never seen without his big, bold watch.

Tip: Lighter toned shirts always work better in a professional context, so stick to the classics; a crisp bright white or a powder pink shirt will do the trick. Also, be mindful of the type of collar you go for, opt for straight collared shirts as opposed to button-down collars for a more formal touch.

6. Tom Ford – When in Doubt go with Black and White

Directed by Tom Ford, ‘A Single Man’ was one of the most stylish films of the century, and his fashion empire is one of the most successful in the business.

Best Dressed

Tom Ford

He is the man who’s rarely seen without a slick black suit and his trademark white shirt, whose weekend wear is nicer than most of our everyday wear and who always, makes the most sartorially sound decisions.

Tip: Opt for a minimalist suit, something that isn’t convoluted and boasts clean lines. Stick to the classics; a classic black suit and a white shirt works perfectly when tailored and reads friendly and approachable in the business world. It also gives out an aura of confidence, which is very important in the business world.

So, get ready to conquer the professional world with style and take inspiration from these Business Moguls.

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