8 Most Fashionable and Stylish Politicians of India

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8 Most Fashionable and Stylish Politicians of India


Election season is here and while India selects her future leaders, let’s talk about some of India’s most stylish politicians. Social media has done a great job making us aware of fashionable and stylish leaders from all around the world. Starting from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the classy Royal family of England; politicians abroad are constantly turning up their fashion game a notch. In India, we have mostly seen our leaders wear white kurtas and plain sarees; but for some of them, this trend is a passé.

Let us have a look at 8 Indian politicians who don’t shy away from sporting their personal styles while also never being too extravagant.

#1 Most Stylish Politician of India

Narendra Modi

No one knows the importance of power dressing better than our Prime Minister himself. His half-sleeved khadi kurta and well-groomed appearance give the impression of a man who knows his mind. From adapting the Nehru Jacket to wearing Bandhgala suits, our PM knows how to dress in a way that appeals to the masses.

He has been seen dressing up according to the occasion; opting for light pastel shaded kurtas in campaign trails; wearing colourful scarves or headgear as per the tradition of the places he visits. For example, he wore a Japi hat during his visit to Assam while he sported an ethnic turban while in Gujarat. He is no doubt the most stylish politician in the country right now.

Narendra Modi - Classy and stylish politicians
Image Source: India Today

#2 Stylish Politicians

Jyotiraditya Scindia

The MP from Madhya Pradesh is the only politician who carries himself like a rock star. While he prefers white kurta pajamas for campaign trails, he switches to bright, printed branded shirts the rest of the time. Black leather boots, statement watches and aviator sunglasses are his go-to choices. He has got the classy prince vibe going on for him all the time. Having also walked the ramp for Amazon India Fashion Week, he is nothing but effortlessly stylish.

Jyotiraditya Scindia - Most stylish Politicians
Image Source: https://topyaps.com

#3 Most Stylish Female Politician

Sonia Gandhi

She might be of Italian origin but her fondness for Indian traditional clothing knows no bounds. From exquisite handloom sarees to Pashmina shawls, she sure has a quite graceful taste of ethnic dressing. Her perfectly in-place hair, sober fashion choice and dignified personality make her one of the most stylish female politicians of the country.

Sonia Gandhi - most stylish female politicians
Image Source: www.rediff.com

#4 Stylish Politician and Orator

Shashi Tharoor

Acclaimed writer, former UN official and politician, Shashi Tharoor has a host of achievements after his name. He has been featured prominently in India’s most stylish politicians’ list because of his smart fashion sense. The MP from Kerala is always seen in premium three-piece suits and sophisticated kurtas and waist-coats. His public appearances tend to show off an urbane vibe, thanks to his modern dressing.

Shashi Tharoor
File Photo of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor

#5 Stylish Politicians

Sachin Pilot

Member of the INC, Sachin Pilot has an immense fan base in the country. He mostly prefers high fashion tailored suits that make him look elegant and classy. But at times he sports a spark of Rajasthani culture in his dressing like a red bandhini turban. Be it suits or ethnic kurta-pajamas, the young politician looks neat and sophisticated every time he steps out.

Sachin Pilot - Stylish Politicians

#6 Stylish Politicians

Hema Malini

There is no doubt that actress Hema Malini would feature in the list of India’s most stylish politicians. She has added colour and vibrancy to the otherwise dull sartorial choices of politicians. Her bright chiffon sarees and suits and beautifully done hair and makeup is a much-needed change in the fashion department of Indian leaders.

Hema Malini

#7 Stylish Politicians

Omar Abdullah

The former CM of J&K is known for his confidence and charm. He is a brilliant combination of power and elegance. He keeps his style simple yet modern. From contemporary outfits to pathani suits, he is an ideal blend of new and traditional dressing. One can find him wearing premium fit sherwanis, perfectly tailored suits and deluxe watches.

Omar Abdullah - Stylish Politicians

Image Source: www.telegraphindia.com

#8 Stylish Politicians

Vasundhara Raje Scindia

The former Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Vasundhara Raje has a wardrobe topped with royalty and elegance. She is one of those politicians who prefer colorful clothes over traditional whites. Her collection of bright designer sarees, jewelry and structured high fashion handbags knows no bounds. Stylish bandhinis and floral chiffons seem to be her go-to choice. Her sense of style no doubt represents her royal lineage.

Vasundhara Raje Scindia

Image Source: www.vasundhararaje.in

The fashion scene among politicians in India has surely come a long way. But most of our leaders still prefer the traditional monochrome look. Probably the next generations of politicians will bring about more colours and trends in the style department.

Do you have any other politician in mind that you can add to this list? Let us know in the comments! Read more about fashion during the election season in our blog – Lok Sabha 2019: Bollywood Came Out to Vote.

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