6 It Bags of Summer 2019 You Need to Try Right Away

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6 It Bags of Summer 2019 You Need to Try Right Away


We might be dressed in our Sunday best with our makeup on point and our hair just as we like it, but there is still going to be one thing that adds the final glam touch to our ensemble – Bags! Whether you are going casual in a t-shirt-denim jeans combo or wearing your favorite cocktail dress, all you need is a chic bag to instantly elevate your look.

It Bags Summer 2019

Summer is the best time to add latest, trendy bags to the mix as you can go from easy, breezy to shiny neon in a heartbeat. ‘Tis the season when the fashion girls play around with colorful, bright hues, contemporary textures, and embellishments. Wondering which style will have you all smitten? Here are 6 most stylish and popular It bags that are hitting it big this season.

1. The Circular Bag giving off Major #beachvibes

If you are looking for your summer bag to stand out of the crowd, but also be a part of the fashion scene, go for the circular bags that are doing major rounds this season. Designers like Balmain are inclining towards more whimsical and abstract shapes with circular ones emerging as the winner. What’s more? You can style these as handbags or slings or carry them cross-body, in any case, these bags look ultra-glam.

Summer 2019 It Bags - Circular bags

Which styles to go for?

Circular ones made of straw are all the rage right now. It’s lightweight feel and natural brownish hue make for a chic summer accessory collection. It’s perfect for your beach vacations and can even make your summer brunch look prettier and dreamier.

Circular bag - summer 2019 It bags

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You can choose from beaded to leather circular ones, as per your whims. But this circular party bag will take you from the beach to a party in a jiffy, thanks to its gold accents and shiny texture.

Summer 2019 It bags - Circular party bags

Image Source: Pinterest

2. The Modern Wicker Topping the It Bags List this season

Remember the iconic wicker baskets we used to carry to picnics? Well, thanks to its modern makeover, these gorgeous, naturally woven wickers are back! Everyone from Chanel runways to fashion influencers on Instagram is endorsing this revamped accessory.

Wondering which Wicker Bag to buy?

Go for neutral-shaded structured wicker with a summer daytime ensemble. You can merge two trends in one by investing in circular wicker bags. Or opt for more abstract shapes like boxes or cylindrical wicker bags with leather linings for an extra dose of chic.

Summer 2019 It bags - wicker bag

Image Source: Pinterest

You can also try something new and replace your glittery party sling with a small wicker vanity case.

3. Summer 2019’s Bags Trend won’t Say ‘No’ to Plastics

While Spring/Summer 2019 runways are all about neutral, tan hues, thanks to some Hollywood A-listers, we can see some futuristic designs too. PVC bags are all the hype right now and come monsoon, even your belongings get a raincoat!

Summer 2019 It bags - Clear transparent bags

Image Source: Pinterest

Cross-body plastic bags are all you need to make a statement this summer. Invest in smaller versions of these that have a tan leather detailing at the edges and you are good to go.

Summer 2019 It Bags- transparent handbag

Image Source: Pinterest

4. Tiny and Adorable Miniature Bags’ Trend

You won’t believe the Mini Bags trend unless you actually see fashionistas rocking them with utmost flair. Thanks to social media influencers, the mini bags have become the most sought after this season. It probably won’t hold your phone but we can all compromise a little for fashion’s sake!

Summer 2019 Mini bags

Image Source: Instagram @jacquemus

Which Mini Bags are killing the game?

Amp up your accessorizing game with a tiny little clutch with a large enough loop to help you carry it. Mini bags with smaller handles become even more difficult to sport than they already are! Go for bright colors like red and neon to make them more noticeable.

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You can also go for miniature duffels that pass on as a clutch in an extremely chic way! Brands like Versace are popularizing delicate leather mini duffel bags that look absolutely adorable.

Mini Duffel Bag

Image Source: Pinterest

5. It Bags of Summer 2019 – Crochet is back from the 90s

Making literally everything by using the crochet method has been a favorite pastime for our grandmoms since forever! But now, Crochet is back with a bang, hitting the runways with brands like Chanel and Feretti playing around with crocheting to make it a suitable accessory for any occasion.

 - crochet bags

Tip: Looking for trendy bags for your regular college days? Well, Crochet bags pair well with an overall boho, summery outft. So, slip this on your shoulder when you are in the mood to go vintage and chic.

Which is the best bag in crochet style?

While handbags are an okay choice, the best investment while buying crochet bags would be in a backpack. They give off an intense retro, back to the 90s vibe. Go for light, pastel shades and be college-ready in style!

6. Who said Buckets cannot be Handbags?

Designer brands like Hermès and Prada are using their innovative techniques to weave leather stripes like wicker or raffia. The end result? Beautiful and sophisticated Bucket Bags that you can carry on your college days or pair up with pretty florals this summer.

Choose the ones with different colors of leather woven together to create a classy, dreamy accessory.

Bucket style

Image Source: Pinterest

Tips: The Trick lies in the Details!

If shopping for new trends become a burden on your pocket, there are many innovative ways to make your used handbags and backpacks look trendy.

1. Use Pom-Poms – Decorate your bag’s handles with multicolored pom-poms and tassels. You can also use plain white ones for a sober vibe. Embellished bags of brands like Balmain and Steve Madden have become very popular in runways so we are not bluffing! Make any boring bag come to life with this boho, chic accessory.


Image Source: Pinterest

2. Scarves Details – Tie a patterned silk scarf to a leather bag or a make a bow out of a kerchief and tie it to your regular tote bag. This trick makes any old bag look super pretty and posh!

Handbags with scarves

Image Source: Pinterest

The most popular bags of this summer are all vintage and chic and we can see a pleasant inclination towards neutral hues and abstract shapes. Is this a global theme the A-list designers are following? In any case, let us know in the comments, which of these bags are you gonna call yours?

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