Which Sunglasses to Opt for According to Face Shape?

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Which Sunglasses to Opt for According to Face Shape?


When it comes to buying sunglasses, determining your face shape and size is foremost. It helps you find a better fitting and more functional pair of sunglasses. In truth, it’s always necessary to buy sunglasses according to your face shape because it can either make you look stylish or bizarre. Since we know, how difficult it is to buy the right pair of sunglasses according to your face shape, style, and budget we are here to help you choose the right frame for you.

For finding the best sunglass, you would need to follow these simple steps:

  • Measure your Face
  • Determine your Face Shape
  • Find a Sunglass Style most suitable for you

Let us now discuss the facial type so that you can see which of these categories matches your face.

  1. Oval Shape: An oval face has slightly wider cheekbones and a gentle narrowing at the forehead and jaw.
  2. Round Shape: A round face has softer angles with slightly wider cheekbones and an equally wide forehead and jaw.
  3. Square Shape: A square face has more angular lines with equally wide cheekbones, forehead and jaw.
  4. Heart Shape: A heart face is widest at the forehead and gradually narrows through to the jaw.
  5. Diamond Shape: A triangle face is widest at the jaw and gradually narrows through to the forehead.
  6. Oblong/ Rectangular: Oblong faces, also called rectangular, are long and narrow with few angles.

Let’s now focus on the Sunglasses frame type:

Cat-Eyed Sunglasses

Any other frame type in this world can go out of fashion but this particular frame type keeps on coming back every other year. There is a functional advantage of this frame as it covers more of the face from the harmful sun rays. Cat-eyed frames are ideal for people with a heart-shaped face. It gives them a more balanced look because they shift attention downward and elongate the face.

In particular, cat-eyed sunglasses give you both vintage and funky look. So, go grab one to protect yourself in this deadly heat.

Cat Eyed sunglasses

Be sporty with Shield Sunglasses

These sunglasses have a large single lens. They cover your entire face thus give you serious protection from sun rays. Basically made for sportsperson but now one of the most loved by everyone in the sartorial world. Moreover, these glasses are best for the people with a rectangular face as they add width to a long face. Vigour sunglasses give oblong faces an edge to their soft features.

Pair them with your favourite jersey and get ready for a sporty yet chic look.

Large Frame Sunglasses

Rectangular Sunglasses!

Rectangular frames are very much in trend and give a very classy look. This frame is best if you have a nice facial width. Rectangle frames work well on round faces, as they can add length to a short face by contrast. Thus, to make your face look thinner you should go for a frame like these.

Rectangular sunglasses

Some Funky Yet Stylish Frames

While everybody’s looking for a basic sunglass frame, why not try something totally different this summer?

Bingo! You have got Triangular Sunglasses

Add some Hues to the Views

Bold and Chic!

These frames easily go with every face shape and doesn’t require much thinking. Although, you need to take care that you choose the right size.

Round Sunglasses

Finally, we feel that round sunglasses are the most convenient yet fashionable pair of sunglasses. This frame has been in the fashion game for a long time now. To explain, round sunglasses go with a wide face like a square.

You can even opt for a colourful one like yellow sunglass for a stylish look.

Yellow Sunglasses

Tiny Frames

These frames remind us of some famous people like Priyanka Chopra, Gigi Hadid and Rihanna. They look super voguish and take your outfit on another level. Shop for a tiny frame for a celeb like appearance.

Tiny Frame Sunglasses

Check this table and make a decision with the help of this expert guide to help you choose the right sunglasses for you.

Face TypeSunglasses Type
RoundAngular Sunglasses
SquareRound or Oval Shaped Sunglasses
Oval Any shade
Oblong/RectangularOver-sized, Large Wayfarer, Vintage Style
DiamondOval and Rimless Frames
HeartCat-eye Styles or Aviators

We hope this article was helpful in choosing the right frame sunglasses. For more such style guides, follow Marsplay on Instagram and Download Marsplay the App.

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