Swagata Dev’s Journey Of Giving Wings To Her Dreams

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Swagata Dev’s Journey Of Giving Wings To Her Dreams


Swagata Dev has set an example for many people who want to pursue their career in fashion blogging. The famous fashionista is a thousand compliment worthy and is making her way into people’s hearts through her excellent work. She is one of the first fashion content creators that grabbed the attention of a nationwide audience. This is a fact that the advent of social media has made the influencers accessible to everyone. If we have an influencer like Swagata, then no girl can have the misfortune of going horribly wrong at dressing up.

However, the most common dilemma that youngsters living in small cities face is to convince their parents to choose fashion blogging as a career. Similarly, Swagata also found it impenetrable to convince her parents for this not-so-mainstream career option.


#Swagata’s Story

Although her parents never really considered fashion as a serious profession, Swagata’s eyes always sparkled looking to fancy outfits. After struggling for a year at studying what she was asked to, she finally started fashion blogging.

How this clicked after a year is not a mystery. Swagata’s friend, Rahul Hazarika, whom she met during her graduation, inspired her to follow her passion.

Due to a lack of experience in this domain, she ventured and struggled a lot. However, her dedication helped her to become one of the well-known influencers of this time. She has bagged the confidence of major brands to add to her portfolio. Swagata has worked with big brands like Central, FBB, MAC, Faceshop, Samsung, Vivo, etc.

#Her Role Model and Her Thoughts on Fashion Blogging

Swagata has always said that her father is her only role model. She has always seen him work diligently, and that is why she also ends up working hard subconsciously. However, she finds it ironic that her academics are no way related to what she’s doing now.

She feels that the influencer industry is mushrooming, but there are no techniques or guidelines to follow. Although she still feels like it has the potential to expand in the smaller cities and if you have the capability, then you can earn good money in this domain.


According to Swagata, the proper expansion would take about a year, then all the aspiring content creators will know the exercise of the business. She agrees that somewhere budding curators are getting exploited by brands and agencies, which would not happen if the field will get proper recognition. She admits that, like every other newbie, she also got fooled by brands and agencies.

#Challenges Faced by Swagata Dev

If we look into the challenges that she has faced in building her career, then it is no less. The girl had no guidance, all she heard was the term ‘fashion blogging’, rest all was by research. Apart from this, when she tried to reach out to other influencers at the start of her career, she usually got no replies. However, she works best to revert back to those who ask her the same question on how to start fashion blogging.

#How it is to Be a Mini Entrepreneur?

Swagata is not only famous in Guwahati, but she has a huge fan following on Instagram. She loves to create informative organic content for her website and IGTV, which her audience likes the most.

The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude-  Swagata Dev

She feels that managing blogs has its own perks and downsides. But what she finds the best is that she is the boss of her work. Usually, she has a super busy schedule booked with meetings, shoots, calls, and emails. At the same time, the eminent blogger loves to sing, play guitar, and watch movies in her leisure time.

Swagata is a highly motivated person, and she keeps reminding herself that she has to continue creating content and feel gratitude for what she has achieved till now.


Swagata Dev’s Advice For Newbies!

  • Swagata’s first advice to budding influencers is to pick a niche. Targeting a section of the audience, and creating exciting and informative content is the key.
  • Other advice which you might not get from everyone, but from Swagata, is not to try blogging full-time for at least 6 months. She urges only to get into this entirely if they notice any sort of growth.
  • Learn how to deal with trolls, internet bullying, and your growth graphs going drastically up and down.

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