The 8 Biggest Sunglasses Trend That Will Rule 2020

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The 8 Biggest Sunglasses Trend That Will Rule 2020


However you are dressed and for whatever occasion, a chic pair of sunglasses can help accentuate any look. There can never be enough pairs of this stylish piece of accessory and with celebrities showing off their cool pairs of shades, we need to take major notes on the emerging trends. As the summer months come knocking at the door, it is now time for us to take stock of the biggest sunglasses trend that fashion experts are predicting for the season. Will micro eyewear still rule the scene or are there new kids in the block? Let us find out in this article!

Sunglasses trend of 2020

Scroll down for the 8 biggest sunglasses trend that is going to be everywhere in summer 2020.

Can We Still Rely on Aviators?

In the sunglasses scene, aviators are timeless. And this time this chic piece of eyewear has made a welcome comeback with its colored version. Fashion girls have not given up on this classic piece but they have made adjustments to it.

Aviator Sunglasses Trends

The return of the aviators with its new color-blocked look is something that you need to dig in right away. Invest in glossy colors and tinted shades that compliment the bright summer months are you are good to go.

Micro Sunglasses Trend Are Still In

When it comes to talking about celebrity sunglasses trend of the season, we find that micro sunglasses are still in. This time though, the shapes are more angular and sharp with broader frames with patterns and prints.

Micro Shades

Image Courtesy: Priyanka Chopra Jonas Instagram

Surprisingly, the tortoiseshell pattern is making a huge noise in this scenario with the tiny glasses seeming even tinier with broad frames and loud prints. Get yourself a pair and style it for casual occasions like Priyanka Chopra Jonas here.

Cat-Eye Shades But Make Them Dramatic

When it comes to fun shades, cat-eye glasses always top the list. Goes best for women with round or oval face shapes, invest in pairs that are chic and playful. By playful, we are talking about angular edges with distinct and unique crescent shapes.

Cat-eye sunglasses trends

Image Courtesy: Gigi Hadid Instagram

The cat-eye sunglasses trend this season is no more about oversized pairs. This time it is revisiting the ’50s with a vintage twist by adding the season’s most loved tortoiseshell pattern to the trend. Take it from Gigi Hadid and invest in a pair that is tiny, has medium-sized frames with pointed edges and light pastel tints for the lenses.

Glitz and Glamor Rule the Celebrity Sunglasses Trend

Celebrities, as we know, love to be extra! Especially when it comes to events and award nights, there no mountain high enough for them that they cannot climb! When it comes to the sunglasses trend of this season, rhinestones are making a huge comeback. Large, oversized eyepieces with frames that have rhinestone embellishments are the hot choice among fashion girls.

rhinestone glasses

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

So, if you are feeling too lucky and want to experiment with something that is ultra-glam and reeks of celebrity style, then these glasses are the best for your summer accessories wardrobe.

Clubmaster Glasses Are Absolute Zero Hassle

For the women who are too lazy to study the right sunglass shapes for their faces, the Clubmaster glasses are the best buy. Super functional and super cute, these shades can accentuate the look for any face shape.

Clubmaster Sunglasses Trend

Again, this season’s version comes under the tinted and color-blocked category but fashionistas are loving wooden frames that can compliment a statement look. Go for pairs that have thinner frames and dark tinted hues are you are sure to make a mark with any outfit.

Oversized Glasses That Cover Half Your Face

The hype around wearing glasses that cover most of your face is still doing the rounds this season. This season’s upgrade though is a bit different than what we saw in the past. Celebrity sunglasses trend is shifting towards huge lenses in square shapes with no frames.

Oversized shades

Image Courtesy: Priyanka Chopra Jonas Instagram

Varied shapes are taking over the sunglasses department, but more on that later. Ditch the frames all together and go rimless with a hefty pair with light tints and hues in pink that can uplift any ensemble and instantly make you look like a million dollars.

Shapes That Are Shaping Sunglasses Trend in 2020

We have seen older versions of the cat-eye and micro glasses before. But there are some other shapes that are going major rounds this season. Case in point – Octagonal glasses. Emerging from the ashes of the Lennon glasses that we saw in its peak a few seasons back, this trend is all sleek, delicate and reeks of pure luxury.

Sunglasses trends in octagon shapes

Since the shape is already a statement in itself, keep the colors and frames to the minimal side to showcase the unique shape. Take cues from Anushka Sharma and get yourself a pair in the pitch black that is uber shiny with almost non-existent frames.

Rimless Eyewear is Everywhere

There is one retro eyewear trend that shows up every season to catch the attention of the fashion girls. This year it is a throwback to the 2000s when celebrities are loving the translucent colored lenses in rectangle shapes that come with rimless frames.

rimless eyewear

Image Courtesy: Bella Hadid Instagram

Rimless glasses are largely thought of as a fashion risk but if Bella Hadid is proudly donning it, then it is here to start a trend. Go for brown or pink-tinted glasses and stick to thinner lenses.

No ensemble is complete without a pair of trendy shades. Whether you want to ward off the summer heat from your eyes or just wear one for fashion’s sake, the right pair of eyewear can uplift any look and add class to your outfit. Choose the style you loved the most from this list and be sure to step out in style.

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