The Fashion Girls’ Guide to the Cutest Hairstyles With Bangs

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The Fashion Girls’ Guide to the Cutest Hairstyles With Bangs


Bangs are back with a…bang! It is a known fact that most of us do not like bangs in particular and the main reason might be because they are too much on the face! Not all styles go well with bangs and it also depends a lot on your face shape. So, if you are new to the fringes territory, here is a quick guide on the various hairstyles with bangs that you can try right away.

curtain bangs like camila cabello

Camela Cabello With Curtain-Parted Bangs and a Bun (Image Source: PopSugar)

Whether you get yourself a nice, bold and blunt look or a messy and side-swept look with the fringes, getting bangs is probably the best way to update your look without compromising on your hair length. Learn how to style bangs perfectly and ace the show this summer!

Tousled Bangs For Women With Short Hair

Tousled, by definition, means something that is messy and chaotic and for the women who can see themselves vibing with this concept, this is one of the best hairstyles with bangs that you can go for. Get inspired from Game of Thrones star, Maisie Williams and get yourself a new set of bangs that are perfectly unevenly cut and textured.

hairstyles with bangs like celebrities

Image Source: Pinterest

Try this hairstlyle if you have short, messy hair with waves. The trick is to spray some dry shampoo all through your hair starting at the roots so that the tousled texture looks intentional.

Curtain-Parted Bangs With Long, Flowy Tresses

Nobody knows bangs better than Fifty Shades star, Dakota Johnson.We have been seeing her sporting the best hairstyles with bangs ever since she started showing up in every event at the Hollywood. The A-lister’s most famous hairstyle has to be her curtain bangs that go best for women with long, thick and flowy hair.

dakota johnson with curtain bangs

Image Source: Byrdie

The idea is to have longer fringes at the front and part them at the middle to let the forehead breathe a little. This is the best style to go for the women who want bangs but do not like hair piling up all across the forehead. Let the rest of your long hair be open all the way. Opt for this as a date-night look with a dreamy red dress!

Side-Swept Bangs Are Bollywood-Approved

For women with voluminous bangs, the side-swept style is the way to go! Hairstyles with bangs can get monotonous after a while, so the way out is my changing the layout that bangs create on your face. Depending on the haircut and the volume of hair cut into bangs, just sweep them to the side and you are done with a new look!

Hairstyles with bangs bollywood approved

You can style side-swept bangs and keep your hair open. Alternatively, you can also tie up a fishtail braid like Kriti Sanon here to add an additional oomph factor to the look. If your hair has highlights, this hairstyle will suit you even better.

Bangs That Mean Business

Bangs and a top-knot bun is also a common favorite among celebrities. While bangs mean casual, top-knot buns mean business. Both together create a style that is glamorous and edgy. Take major hairstyle inspiration from Selena Gomez and style your short and sweet bangs with a messy top-knot bun.

bangs and top-knot bun

Image Source: Pinterest

Selena Gomez in this picture, looks like a vintage superstar, styling the look with a pair of uber cool, red, cat-eye sunglasses. If you go for this style, definitely go for a full-on retro look like in the picture above with a jean jacket and turtle neck t-shirt. Make sure to pick out strands of hair at the sides to ensure in order to nicely frame your face.

Classic Hairstyles With Bangs Like Zendaya

The classic fringe never goes out of style. This is especially true for the women who have a round or perfectly oval face. You can wear your classic fringes bluntly infront, swept to the side or parted in the middle.


Image Source: PopSugar

To learn how to style bangs with a ponytail, take cues from Zendaya and shape the bangs a little longer at the sides to frame your face. Make sure that the length is even on both sides. Tie yourself a tight high ponytail with these bangs and you are good to go. This is the best cute and simple hairstyle when you want to go hassle free in style and is a suitable hairstyle to opt for during the summer for your regular workdays.

Hairstyles With Bangs and a Sleek Braid

Summer is the time when the braid comes back into play. If you have long hair, then the summer months can bring quite some discomfort with the excessive sweating, leading to oily hair. Take major inspiration from Hollywood singer-songwriter Camila Cabello and learn how to style bangs along with a braid. Have a family gathering coming up? This is the best hairstyle to opt for with ethnic wear if you have bangs.

camela cabello

Image Source: Refinery29

The trick is to braid your hair perfectly at the side and secure it with bobby pins. Use a setting spray to ensure that tiny strands of hair do not stick out towards the end of your braid. Let your bangs be as they are. You can either spread across the forehead or style them in the curtain-parted look. Make sure to frame yoru face with a handful of strands on the other side of the face and you are ready with a cute and stylish look.

Love these hairstyles with bangs? So why not finally get yourself the haircut of your choice? For the women who have always contemplated getting bangs but never had the courage to, let this guide serve as your inspiration!

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