The Truth Behind These 5 Beauty Myths

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The Truth Behind These 5 Beauty Myths


With ‘N’ number of beauty tips out there, it gets very difficult to know which one will work and which won’t. Marsplay brings you a list of beauty myths that need to be busted in order to have healthy skin. Read on to learn about the truth behind these myths and see what really works.

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Beauty Myths Busted
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Toothpaste is a Good Remedy for Acne and Pimples

Toothpaste on your skin is a Big No-No! Using products, that are not specifically designed for skin always has a negative and a harsh effect on your skin. A toothpaste is composed of harsh additives, that are good for cleaning your teeth but don’t go well with your skin. Using it on your skin may result in bruises and burns. Thus, in the case of pimples or acne, use medicated ointments instead.

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Oily Skin Doesn’t Need a Moisturiser

A common beauty myth that people have is that oily skin does not require a moisturizer. No matter what the skin type is, be it oily, normal or dry, moisturizing your skin is a very important step in your skincare routine.

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Moisturisation provides your skin with all the nourishment and hydration it needs, which gets stripped off when you wash and cleanse your face. Moisturiser also acts as a layer between your skin and the environment. It protects your skin from the harsh pollutants and dust present in your surroundings. If you have oily skin, then opt for lightweight and a water-based moisturizer.

Skipping Sunscreen on a Cloudy Day

Never step out of your house without using an ample amount of sunscreen, even if it is a cloudy day. According, to beauty experts, one must wear sunscreen all year round. Because even on cloudy days, the harsh UV rays damage your skin.

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Ayurvedic, Herbal and Home-Made Products are Harmless

Another beauty myth that needs to be busted is that Ayurvedic and homemade remedies are harmless. Vegan and herbal products have been quite a huge hit amongst people. And there’s no denying, that they are better than inorganic products. But there are a lot of natural ingredients in the herbal products that are harmful to the skin.

Therefore, it is very important to do a patch test before actually using the product. And last but not least, the packaging of the product also matters. While buying a herbal product or making a homemade one go for an opaque and a non-jar packaging. This will make give your products longer shelf life.

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The Lighter the Shade of your Foundation, the Fairer You’ll Look

Another misconception people have while buying a foundation is that the lighter the shade of the foundation, the fairer they’ll look. Doing so, only makes their makeup look pale and cakey.

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Therefore, while buying a foundation, choose only one shade lighter or darker from your skin tone. Also, remember to match your foundation shade to your jawline or neck and not on your wrists.

These were a few beauty myths busted. Let us know in the comments section about some other beauty myths that are harmful to your skin.

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