The Ultimate Guide to Nailing the Print on Print Trend

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The Ultimate Guide to Nailing the Print on Print Trend


Prints in itself look complete and utterly vivid. They don’t demand extra embellishments and accessories. Mixing and matching clashy prints is all the talk right now and if styled right, this trend can scream absolute sophistication and pure sass! What’s tricky is that this bold trend can go wrong more often than you think. To avoid a fashion faux pas, read through these uber-cool tips and pointers that will help you own this trend.

Creating new trends in fashion is all about mixing and matching the styles you love. Sometimes, this may be a risky thing to do, but more often than not, this trick comes in handy.

Today, let’s talk about the tricky, yet absolutely summer-worthy, print on print trend.

Let’s talk Florals

Fashion during the summer season is incomplete without the bright and vibrant florals. Mixing two different floral separates to create an ensemble more shiny and loud would make for the perfect summer outfit. The trick is to perfectly match your florals with each other as these prints are the toughest when it comes to styling them.

Print on print trend with florals

TIP: When mixing and matching your florals, look for one that has a sort of monochrome look all over and match it with another piece which is brighter (opt for colors like mustard or yellow) and has myriads of colorful prints on it.

Match your Floral Prints with Checkers

The trend is gaining popularity because of the millions of fashionable ways you can style these without letting it be boring. While floral prints are vibrant and playful, checkers give you a strong work-day vibe! Mix these two together and you will surely nail this trend.

Match your Floral Prints with Checkers

Wear a co-ord set of subtle color with checkered style and layer the long coat over a floral top of a lighter, more neutral color. What makes this look on-point is that the floral designs and the outerwear are of the same tonal range.

TIP: Mixing different types of prints that belong to the same color range makes for a very smart and well put-together look.

Go full-on print on print with Florals and Polka Dots

The classic polka dot trend has evolved continuously right from the beginning, and there is no stopping it. This season the polka dot trend has become more versatile than ever, and it is hence, the best time to experiment with its flexibility.

print on print with Florals and Polka Dots

Mix and match two separates of floral and polka dots. The trick is to go for floral designs of the same size as the polka dots in your other outfit.

TIP: Make sure to choose your separates of similar colors or those of the same range. For example, wear a dark maroon top with a black skirt. Don’t pair up a lighter outfit with a darker one.

Try the Trend with Gingham and Florals

The vintage and timeless monochrome gingham pattern are back in the game this season. When styling this classic shade, play with the color proportions.

Print on Print Trend with Gingham and Florals

Create a super trendy look by teaming up a regular gingham dress with a bright and loud floral blazer. Here the bright maroon blazer compensates for the lack of color of the dress while the mute gingham shade gives this look a smart and retro edge.

TIP: Pair up more daring, bolder prints like floral with the subtle essence of gingham to create a compelling contrast.

Don’t shy away from Styling Monochrome

The gingham style is retro and gives off major old school vibes. Mixing it with florals, you can take on a modern approach to the look whereas pairing it up with a monochrome striped outfit would uplift the vintage and old-fashioned edge of gingham.


Team up a trendy black and white gingham maxi skirt with a neutral colored (preferably peach or pastels) striped top to pull off the perfect look.

TIP: Mixing prints together can look perfect with one solid central theme. Customize around that theme to create a sophisticated blend of color and prints.

Rule the Plaid Pattern Trend

This classic style has been going on and off in the fashion scene since its inception. Plaid has been a go-to option for skirts and jeggings for a while now and mixing up various textures of plaid would undoubtedly be a good start to try this trend.

Plaid Trend

TIP: Go for plaid separates that are of different tones and colors and sizes. You can opt for plaid skirts or pants and pair them up with a crop top with a plaid pattern of a different color. This creates a perfect modern street style-approved look while giving off super cool vintage vibes.

Kick off the Trend with Animal Prints

Animal Prints are all the rage right now. With a massive range of varieties in texture and colors, these prints are ruling the fashion streets. Mixing and matching animal prints is comparatively easy as all you have to do is pair it up with lighter, less loud textures.

Animal Pattern

Match a classic plaid skirt with a vivacious animal print top. This creates a winning look by combining two prints of total different schemes; one loud and lively while the other being more soft and delicate.

Combine Animal Prints with Plaid Pattern

On the other hand, you could also downplay the animal pattern by pairing up leopard texture boots with velvet checkered or plaid maxi skirt of the same color.

Plaid Pattern

TIP: There should be a similar base color running through the entire look. When mixing patterns, the color range should be kept constant. You can also try different animal prints mixed up with one another.

If you need any more inspiration on styling this look, check out this cool video.
Nail Print on Print look with StyleFashionEtc

So, get over your inhibitions and try this bold, super cool trend. Which of these looks did you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

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