These Senior Fashion Bloggers Say ‘Age is Just a Number’

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These Senior Fashion Bloggers Say ‘Age is Just a Number’


Fashion and age are definitely not mutually exclusive. Just like some fine wisdom and wine, even personal style improves over time. But in the present fashion blogging scenario, it seems like as soon as a person hits 40, let alone 60, they can no longer be a fashion icon. The glamour industry is quite biased towards younger fashion bloggers and models, often ignoring the older, much-deserving fashionistas.

Over 60 Fashion blogger, Lyn Slater
Image credit: @iconaccidental

It’s about time we change this dominant narrative and start including the older generation into the fashion conversation. Because, believe it or not, there are fashion bloggers in their 60s who have become a style inspiration to many 20-somethings via Instagram. Their confidence and flair are as much appealing to the younger folks, as is their refined taste in fashion.

Here is a shout out to 6 such amazing and daring senior men and women who are not afraid to inspire others with their unstoppable passion for creating new trends in the world of fashion!

The ‘Accidental Icon’, Lyn Slater (@iconaccidental) | 64

An epitome of grace and sass, Lyn Slater is a professor at Fordham University. That was until she was accidentally photographed at the New York City Fashion Week five years ago. Today she is a social media sensation with around 665k Instagram followers. And her fans cannot seem to have enough of her daily dose of classy fashion choices.

Her advice to her young followers? – ‘Finding your own personal style is about taking risks and taking baby steps’. Follow Lyn on her blog ‘Accidental Icon’ and watch her break one stereotype at a time!

Lyn Slater's blog, Accidental Icon

Philippe Dumas (@dumphil) | 63 is here to Redefine all Fashion Standards

At 63, fashion enthusiast, Philippe Dumas has finally succeeded in becoming a model. Now with 42k Instagram followers, the Frenchman is a social media star. He is also quite the competition to 20-something fashion bloggers. And why not? He is as fit as his younger counterparts with his beard being the absolute winner!

After retiring from his job, Dumas took to Reddit. He wrote, “Retired but not out, giving a last go to my lifelong dream of becoming a model. Do I have it in me?” and got over 360,000 views. Since then, he has been successfully rocking the modeling game.

‘You’re as old as you feel’ says Senior Fashion Blogger, Iris Apfel (@iris.apfel) | 97

Iris Apfel is a perfectionist and she preaches common sense in dressing. She is the face of an Australian clothing brand, Blue Illusion. And she also has a Barbie Doll made in her image! According to her, style is all about taking basic items and adding a personal touch. At the age of 97, she signed a modeling contract with IMG. Its never too late to make it to the top, isn’t it?

At 97, Iris is full of quirks and funny catchphrases!

Sarah Jane Adams (@saramaijewels) | 64 embraces her age with hashtag #mywrinklesaremystripes

With an impressive 182k followers list, fashion blogger and owner of an antique jewelry label, Sarah Jane Adams has an exotic sense of style. Her photos burst with vibrant colors with her wearing rich, shiny outfits. Who said glitters and neon are just for the youth? One scroll down her Instagram feed and you will find her rocking multi-hues with absolute confidence.

Sarah has the kind of attitude that we 20-year olds lack sometimes. Want some pointers? Follow her on Instagram!

Over 60 fashion blogger, Sarah Jane Adams

Alojz Abram (@jaadiee) | 73 aka ‘Streetwear Grandpa’ is an absolute #streetstyle goal

Through the eyes of his personal photographer and grandson, Jannik, we see Alojz Abram giving us major street style fashion goals. From quirky sneakers to sports caps, he is winning the streetwear game. Also, now he has his own clothing line. With 480k Instagram followers, Alojz is proving to us that age does not create boundaries in fashion.

“I recently found out about my grandfather’s inner hype-beast,” said Jannik. Since then, the duo has never looked back. Here he is rocking a trendy pair of camo trousers with cool sneakers and a graphic t-shirt.

“Embrace an ageless attitude’, says Senior Fashion blogger, Dorrie Jacobson (@seniorstylebible) | 84

The 84-year-old former actress and fashion blogger, Dorrie Jacobson is always seen in show-stopping outfits and designer stilettos. She describes her personal style as modern and dramatic with extra love for neutral colors like black, white and grey.

In her own words, she says,“As mature women, we have earned the right to make our own rules. Why should we follow someone else’s idea about what we should and should not be wearing? Fashion has changed.”

Fashion is indeed changing over time. Trends still come and go but having your own personal style is the real game-changer now! These talented senior fashion bloggers are here to change the youth-centric fashion scene. Its high time we see more of them.

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