Travel Essentials you should Pack, ALWAYS!

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Travel Essentials you should Pack, ALWAYS!


OMG-I-can’t believe-I-forgot-to-pack….!! We don’t want our trip to start with this scream, right? Traveling is fun, but only if you pack the travel essentials with you. Even if you forget one essential thing, you will keep on regretting this the whole time, or you have to spend extra bucks to buy that stuff. For sure, we don’t want that when we are on a budget-friendly getaway.

Others will tell you what to pack according to their experiences, which might not fit your situation. Therefore, we have researched from the travel experts to find out what their go-to travel essentials are. Furthermore, the hacks they use to make their life sorted while on vacation.

So, here we are with a prepared travel checklist you need to pack to prevent your journey from becoming painful.

15 Things You Should Never Forget when Travelling

Whether you are on a 3 day or 5 days, domestic or international vacation, you must have these carry-on travel essentials.

1. Travel Backpack

Travel Essentials

The most essential thing we need to carry on vacation with us is a small backpack for all our teeny-tiny handy products!  It’s always nice to have a bag that’s easy to access so you don’t have to get into your luggage each time you need something. Your wallet, passport, tickets, sanitizer- carry a backpack to fit them all. But remember, you’ll be carrying all of this, so keep it light.

TIP: You should carry a neutral colour handbag which go with every outfit.

2. Travel Pillow

Travel Essential- Pillow

During the trip, be it long or short; you need a soft, supportive, and comfy pillow to give your neck and shoulders some rest. The plus point is that these travel buddies come in a lot of cute designs and colors! But make sure you choose the pillow that suits your comfort.

3. Noise – Cancellation Headphones

While traveling, sometimes you get bored (even if you have a company). In that case, music is the #Bae. Make a travel playlist in your phone/iPod and go through the entire journey listening to soul-touching and nerve relaxing songs.

4. The Wire Essentials

Travel Essentials

Mobile Charger, portable charger, laptop charger; every charger is a must! We cannot even dream of living without our phone or laptop. Therefore, before stepping out of the house for that long awaited trip, do not forget these essentials amidst the hustle.

5. Travel Essentials- Wet Wipes

Especially while traveling, there is a lot of exhaustion, and more than that there is an issue of pollution and dust covering your face. Therefore, it is essential to keep ‘Wet Wipes’ that removes all the dirt and keep the look fresh!

6. Do not Forget your SunBlock

Travel Essentials- Sunscreen

A trip without the sunblock is pretty much a nightmare. We don’t want to come back looking completely different because of the extreme tan. It is super essential to keep a sunscreen to avoid the skin burns!

Want to know which sunscreen would suit your skin type? Read to find out – Which Sunscreen to Use According to your Skin Type

7. Comfy Slip-Ons

We pack all the shoes and heels according to our attire choices. But what about the time when you want to roam comfortably in your hotel? For that, it is essential to carry slippers in which you feel completely comfortable and at ease.

8. Medical Kit is a Travel Essential that you need to pack NOW!

Medical Kit is a travel essential

Not all journeys go smoothly. Sometimes, we feel sick or nauseous in trains, buses, or planes. Apart from sickness, there are a lot of plausible issues which might hit us amidst the journey. It is essential to carry a handy medical kit which includes all the essential medicines and tools.

9. Travel Essentials for Everyone- Toiletries

Nobody feels like using those hotel complimentary soaps and shampoos until they are genuinely useful. Therefore, it is very crucial to carry your own toiletries on a trip.

TIP: It’s always awful when you forget your toothbrush at home. This time make sure you keep it before heading out.

10. Basic Make-Up Kit

Whether you are a make-up junkie or not, every girl has to look diva in her vacation pictures! Thus, it is super important to carry a basic makeup kit at least wherever you go.

11. Travel Essentials- Sunglasses

Travel Essential

We believe no trip is complete without keeping a pair of our favorite sunglasses. Apart from saving the eyes from dreadful UV rays, sunglasses are our forever travel buddy. Before taking off for the trip, make sure you carry at least one pair with you. Besides, sunglasses help create a celebrity like airport look.

12.Collect Important Travel Docs, Cash & Credit Cards

You can buy a travel wallet before going on a trip in which you can carry your passport, ID, credit cards, coins, documents, a boarding pass, and a pen! It is way better to keep all the essentials at one place and have access to it quickly so that you don’t have it open your suitcase again and again.

13. Just-in-Case Kit

Instead of having to remember the tiniest troubleshooters like safety pins, stain removers, and moist towelettes, get one of these palm-sized pouches which pack in 18 mini versions of the things you need most on a long flight.

14. Portable Wi-fi

Always carry a broadband hotspot so you can connect to the internet whenever you need to. When you go to new places, you need a stable internet connection to make all the searches you need for most of the things.

15. Count Vaseline in your Travel Essentials

When you are flying, always travel with Vaseline. The air on planes can get really dry, and Vaseline keeps the skin (and lips) from drying out, too. Plus, it is a multi-purpose thing which can help you in various ways like removing makeup, dry lips, dry hands, and feet, etc.

Moreover, this is a small checklist that isn’t compulsory but helpful:

  • Laundry Detergent: If you can do laundry on-the-go, you don’t have to pack as many outfits.
  • Bobby Pins
  • Tampons
  • Waterbottle
  • Watch
  • Organizer: The organizers help in carrying much stuff without using much space in your bag.
  • Guide map
  • Your personal details
  • Journal
  • Camera
  • Bedsheet

We can’t deny that the struggle of packing is real, but it can be made easier with a proper plan. If you haven’t packed these basics already, you definitely need to go through them again.

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