Unique Saree Styling Ideas for Girls

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Unique Saree Styling Ideas for Girls


People surely have seen many unique variations of Indian traditional saree. India has a different sari type for every region and culture which is unique and stylish in its own. Every region has its own name and style of wearing it. However, saree is not only meant for your mom and granny. These days saree has become a trend among celebrities and fashion divas. It’s time to attack your mom’s wardrobe and pick out your favourite saree and start styling it for the next occasion. We have got some stylish saree styling ideas girls!

You can give this traditional outfit a modern twist and rock your farewell party look to any other occasion. No more lookout for saree styling ideas, we have it all here. Let’s check out how!

Bring the 90’s Back!

Unique saree styling

You can pair up your saree with a unique tunic style blouse and bring back the 90’s vibes! It’s trendy these days to experiment with the looks and especially when you’re bringing back any 80’s-90’s trend with a twist. Keep the look elegant with minimal jewellery. Although, you can add some fun elements by pairing a matching belt with it.

Why Should Ruffles be Limited to Top & Dress Only?

Unique saree styles

Every fashionista is going crazy over the ruffle trend and we still can’t get enough of it. Ruffle in tops, dresses, pants are for other people we are now drooling over this amazing ruffle saree. The bright hues are popping out and making it love even more.

Pair a black bralette top with tassel earrings for a sober yet stylish look. This ruffle saree is giving the same old saree a new breath of life.

beautiful unique saree drapes

Go with this trendy ruffle saree look for your farewell party. Are you ready to turn heads?

Neon Can Never Go Wrong Even in a Saree

unique saree style

Neon is the trend of the season. From runways to many stylish celebs Neon colour is making its appearance again and again. Although, why should we keep neon limited to dresses, shoes and belts only?

This season, go complete neon by pairing a neon pink blouse with a neon green saree. For finishing up the snazzy look add a stylish belt and heels to the outfit.
Finally, enjoy this ravishing look of the saree and thank us later for all the compliments you are going to receive.

Saree Styling Idea: Belt Up Your Saree

add belt to unique saree style

This outfit is looking great with a perfect combination of pink and black. Pair your printed saree with a black blouse with sheer sleeves and add a belt to the saree to uplift the outfit. This saree styling idea got completely out of the box when styled with a jacket.

belt be the unique style

The belt seems to be the saree’s new friend. It looks ultra voguish to add a belt to the saree. Saree styling ideas are the one things that we start searching for on the internet before the farewell party. This look is perfect for a farewell party or if you’re going for a traditional event.

Lastly, for taking it to the next glam level add a choker with the outfit.

Red and Black Speaks for Itself

High neck blouse for saree styling

Red and black is the forever favourite combination. Here, saree that too in red is a win-win combination. Team up a high-neck full sleeved blouse with your favourite red saree for the refined elegant look. We can never get over the high-neck blouse as it looks super classy!

Give your Saree a Twist by Pairing it With a Shirt

Unique saree styling ideas

The time of a typical blouse is gone now. There are multiple new ways of the stylish blouse and one of those is a solid shirt. Go with a shirt instead of a regular blouse for adding some variations in styling your saree. Team up your eye-catchy printed saree with a white shirt for stylish appearance in saree. It’s better to drape your saree in Gujarati style because it will enhance the look of the whole shirt with saree look.

Wear Saree Like a Boss Now!

add blazer over saree

Now, sarees are just basic no more. Take out your silk saree and layer it with a striped or checked blazer for the perfect formal look. Saree is anyways considered in formals but if you want to take it a level up then pair it with a classy blazer.

Make it a unique style by completing the look with a sling bag and matching earrings.

unique ideas by adding blazer to saree

This look will take you from formal wear to casual wear. Now you can wear your favourite ensemble; saree even if the temperature is dropping. From all of the saree styling ideas we love this layering one the most.

Never Thought of a Kurta This Way?

kurta style unique style

Who would have thought that kurta can be styled with saree other than leggings, palazzo or jeans? This unique saree styling idea can take the game of saree lovers to the next level. This look is giving the saree a modern twist without taking away its charm.

Mix and match the colour of your saree with a short solid kurta of your choice for this look. The combination of grey and maroon turned out superb here. Pair ethnic jewellery with the outfit for the boho look.

This saree styling idea is our next goal now!

Saree Styling Idea with a Cool Girl Twist

The fanny pack seems to be the center of attraction!

Fanny pack be the saree new friend

A fanny pack with a saree seriously stole the show! It’s time to take out the cotton saree that you have been avoiding since days now. Make your saree look cool with a fanny pack. Above this, for a different yet stylish look, you can drape the end of your saree around your neck.

For the perfect winter look in a saree add a leather jacket with ankle length boots with your saree. For summers, you can replace the leather jacket with a denim jacket.

Saree Styling Idea: Dhoti Style Saree

shilpa in dhoti drape saree

Everyone wishes to look like Shilpa Shetty. She is the diva who can slay any look be it traditional or western. But the one look which we are a fan of is her dhoti saree look. Since then, donning the dhoti saree has become fashion goal of many girls.

Saree Styling Idea: The Fringe Drape

fringe drape for saree ideas

Dress like Sonam Kapoor that too in a budget. If you love fringes and want to get it done in your saree then we have an awesome tip for you.


Get it done on your old satin or silk saree rather than buying a new and expensive one. Try to get the long fringes from the market or you can ask the tailor to make it directly. Next, guide the tailor to stitch it along the borders of the saree.

You’re ready with your own fringes saree on a budget.

Style your Saree with Ripped Jeans

make the unique saree style with ripped jeans

People are crazy for ripped jeans hence it is the best way to add spark to your saree. Make your saree look more interesting by pairing it with ripped jeans.

ripped jeans saree drape

Even a classic saree is getting a makeover now. Make your saree style different from all by pairing it with denim. For making it modern and more interesting replace the blouse with a flared sleeve top and sneakers. And you’re ready to go!

We are Never Forgetteing Denim Jacket Even with a Saree

Team up with denim jacket for unique saree ideas

Give the saree look a spin by adding a denim jacket and get the wow look! Try it out with a denim jacket and we are sure that you will fall in love with the saree more.

Saree looks great on every body type and actually makes a woman look slim if draped in such a way!

So, try these out these wonderful and unique saree styling ideas and take the centre of attraction ticket in your hand!

Tell us your best saree experience. And which look inspired you the most to don a saree like a pro!

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Happy Styling!

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