“Using your own creativity and originality is the trick” — Samiksha

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“Using your own creativity and originality is the trick” — Samiksha


Fashion and styling to me is…

Being comfortable and confident is the key to carry anything or everything. Sticking to something which is in trend even if you are not confident about it will only result in disaster. So, stick to what you can carry confidently and what suits your personality. That will make you stand out of the crowd.

My inspiration behind the fashion journey…

I belong to a Marwadi Family and dressing up on every occasion is what we are famous for (apart from food)!

So, from my childhood I have always seen my mom dressing up in traditional attires and thats what even inspires me to dress up everyday.

Talking about fashion blogging, it all started randomly. My friends always used to ask me for my suggestions when they wanted to buy something.

So, I thought let’s just start doing this professionally. Now, my aim is to take it at that level where any girl/ women can relate to my style.

The one fashion stereotype that you wish didn’t exist…

People still believe that plus size people can’t wear or carry anything in trend! I truly believe that it’s not necessary to be in perfect shape all the time. We are only humans. We are not cut to shape and different body structures that we should be proud of. Everyone can carry awesome outfits and look good!

Your unique sense of style is about…

The unique sense of style that I have is Fusion. I belong to Rajasthan and whatever I wear, I try to add a ethnic touch to it that makes me feel connected to my roots. Even if I wear a western dress, I try to accessorise that with a nose ring or metal bangle with my watch or may be a bindi along with that.

Marsplay is an amazing platform to discover your own unique style…

I truly believe that one should be comfortable in your skin irrespective of your shape, size or complexion and Marsplay promotes the idea.

Do follow celebrities or fashion bloggers for style inspiration but don’t follow anyone blindly. At Marsplay, you can follow the ones with whom you feel connected and try to learn from their style. Notice how they pair outfits and just learn.

You can shop their styles and then use your creativity to make the look so much better!

Samiksha’s exclusive styles are now available to shop on Marsplay app. If you are excited about joining Marsplay and share your style stories, just go and download our app. We are offering some unique opportunities to our earliest users.

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