Vintage Style Update: Comeback of the 90s’ Best Fashion Trends

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Vintage Style Update: Comeback of the 90s’ Best Fashion Trends


The golden age of fashion is back at it again! Styles that were raging the streets in the 90s are making a glorious comeback 30 years later and we are honestly pleased. 90s fashion trends are suddenly everywhere now. Showing up at the ramps, the streets, celebrity Instagram handles, they are unfailingly cool again. As the cycle of fashion continues, we are getting to see crop tops, chokers and high waist denim jeans being reborn with newer styles being incorporated to give them a modern, 21st-century edge.

But First, What was Fashion in the 90s Like?

The 90s was the era that saw the birth and recognition of grunge and minimalism as legitimate fashion with legendary designers like Alexander McQueen revolutionizing the dark, grunge looks, making chokers a go-to accessory. This was also the time when washed denim fabrics were favored with black leather jackets and shoulder pads being the outerwear of choice.

90s fashion trends

Are you ready to embrace all the vintage fashion trends as they make their grand entrance in 2020 once again? Here is a collection of the best 90s styles that everybody is loving right now!

All About Grunge With Chokers

Talk about edgy and chokers are what comes to mind. The 90s fashion trends supported these neck-hugging necklaces to made the grunge come to life. While some of them were designed with stretchy rubber and plastic, others were made of fabric and featured charms and jewels.

90s fashion trends - charms choker

Fashionistas of the era also started wearing them in the form of layered necklaces. Come 2020 and we know that chokers are game again!

layered chokers

Flared Denim Jeans As the 90s Fashion Trends Motto

This might be surprising to hear but the flared and wide-leg jeans are not new inventions of this decade. These comfortable, flowy and absolute aesthetic denim jeans were first loved and worn by fashion girls back in the vintage era of the 90s.

The first choice as a daytime bottom wear, these jeans definitely did not stop there. The 90s fashion trends saw flared jeans being the motto of the night too, but this time strictly with crop tops.

Crop Tops Are Definitely Not New

Crop tops with mom jeans are what we swear by today. But again, not a new invention! These midriff-baring tops that we love today were a style essential of the 90s fashion trends. From street-style stars to celebrities, crop tops are surely everywhere now. This time around, replace the cropped camisoles with pretty bralettes and pair them up with edgy pants and sneakers to bring about a casual vibe.

90s fashion trends - crop tops

You can also swap these all out and go for regular t-shirts, sweaters, and tank tops – all cropped or knotted.

crop tops and jeans

Overalls and Dungarees Were Hot Back Then

Short or long, it does not matter, the 90s fashion trends just loved them overalls and body-hugging dungarees. These denim overalls that were the street style rockers of the vintage era are now once again making a great noise in the fashion scene. Take it from the supermodel, Bella Hadid here!

90s fashion trends - overalls

Jennifer Aniston in the TV show – Friends was surely a 90s fashion icon. And time and again she has worn dungarees in the show, telling us how much the outfit rocked back then! While we are still trying to dress like Rachel Green, why not give these dungarees a chance?

rachel green - dungarees

Leather Jackets But with Glitz and Glamor

Come winter and we cannot wait to wear our glam leather jackets. A well-fitted leather jacket is one of the reasons why us fashion girls cannot wait for the chilly winter months to show up. These jackets have been a rage in the 90s. Though, back then the main attraction was the grunge vibe of this outfit.

leather jacket

Worn as biker jackets, 90s fashion trends loved random embroidery, charms, and designs all over the piece, not to mention, the color of choice was black (and only black!)

Combat Boots Swept the 90s Fashion Trends

There was a time in the fashion world when men and women dressed similarly and a pair of combat boots is the case in point. Sweeping the 90s grunge fashion movement, heavy-duty combat boots started being a much-loved trend for the winters.

combat boots - 90s fashion trends

This boot trend has wavered from this stance and is still raging the style scene. Today, fashion girls are styling these chic and comfortable shoes with slip dresses, skirts, jeans and almost everything else.

combat boots celebrities

High-Waist Denim Skirts to Embrace Them Curves

The denim fabric was a big trend in the 90s. Be it denim jackets, shirts, jeans or skirts, the rage for this particular kind of material started way back in the vintage era.

High-waisted bottom wear was selling hot in the streets, with everything from jeans to gorgeous denim skirts being the winner in the fashion scene.

Lennon Glasses are as Vintage as it Gets

The legend, John Lennon started it in the 90s and it has surely made its place in the fashion scene since then. These gorgeous round sunnies were everywhere until the early 2000s when oversized varieties seemed to take over.

lennon glasses

After going through many changing trends in the eyewear scene, we are back to sporting these glam shades that have super edgy, cool-girl vibes to show off.

The vintage era of the 90s is always considered to be a giver in the fashion world. It has blessed us with some gorgeous styles back in the day. And has also shown us evergreen trends that seem to rock the wardrobe of fashionistas all over the world, including the super stylish celebrity A-listers. Fashion as a habit of coming back and fizzling out. So, this is definitely the best time for us to go down the fashion memory lane and try some of these retro styles before new trends catch up again!

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