How to Wear Trendy Sleeves this Season

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How to Wear Trendy Sleeves this Season


Trendy sleeves are not something we specifically look for while shopping for clothes and sleeves, in general, are often overlooked while putting together an ensemble. But have you ever noticed how significantly it can transform a rather dull silhouette into a chic and stylish one? With designers launching myriads of modern cuts and patterns of sleeves, it can get really challenging for us to keep up with the trend. While we might all be aware of the simple quarter or cap sleeves, there are certain other contemporary types that are doing major rounds on the streets for a while now.

From attention-grabbing silhouettes to loud prints, let us talk about the top 7 sleeves trend that you should invest in, to amp up your style game.

Trendy Sleeves #1

Off-the-Shoulder Sleeves

These sleeves have been trending for quite some time now and they are only gaining more and more popularity every day. The off-the-shoulder sleeves style look utterly feminine but it also adds a daring edge to the look. This style is perfect for a date night or for a weekend getaway with friends. While it looks best with more girly silhouettes like dresses or skirts, you can also sport these sleeves with chic light-wash denim jeans or wide-leg trousers.

Off-the-shoulder Maxi Dress - Trendy Sleeves
Off-the-shoulder Maxi Dress with Black Heels for a Formal Event
White Off-Shoulder Top
White Off-Shoulder Top with Wide-leg Pants for a Casual Look

Tip: Go for soft fabrics and pretty prints in cute subtle colours while wearing outfits with off-the-shoulder sleeves to make the design stand out better.

Trendy Sleeves #2

Cold-Shoulder Sleeves

For women who do not feel comfortable wearing off-the-shoulder outfits, this one is the best alternative. It is a lot less flashy and daring while also being practical and more versatile. You can wear outfits with cold-shoulder sleeves more casually and with various other silhouettes than you could with off-the-shoulder ones. Cold-shoulder sleeves appear like a regular design with cut-outs near the top of the arms.

Flowy and Classy Cold-Shoulder Dress - Trendy Sleeves
Flowy and Classy Cold-Shoulder Dress
Cold-Shoulder Top with Distressed Denim Jeans
Cold-Shoulder Top with Distressed Denim Jeans as Casual Wear

Tip: Wear these with flowy dresses to make the best out of this style. You can also wear trendy tops with these sleeves for a casual day out.

Trendy Sleeves #3

Slit Sleeves

Any regular boring top can be made chic and modern by adding preppy, slit opened sleeves in it. These are usually long or are of a quarter of the length of the arms and come with a slit in the front while featuring a cuff at the end. Slit Sleeves are casual and modish and they go with almost any kind of outfit.

Yellow Playsuit with Slit Sleeves - Trendy Sleeves
Yellow Playsuit with Slit Sleeves

Trendy Sleeves #4

Bell Sleeves

The Bell Sleeves trend has always been there but this season, it has got all sorts of modern and flamboyant updates. It is no longer just a staple for bohemian dressing because now it is being incorporated into the simplest of outfits. Fitted on the shoulder and widening out toward the wrists, the bell sleeves look candidly chic and trendy. From date night worthy dresses to knitted sweaters, these sleeves are now everywhere!

Off-Shoulder Top featuring Bell Sleeves - Trendy Sleeves
Off-Shoulder Top featuring Bell Sleeves paired up with Denim Jeans and Boots

Tip: When shopping for outfits with bell sleeves, pick the ones that look exuberant. Bell sleeves with extra-wide flares and ruffle designs or those made of classy structured material are the ones to go for. Also, while sporting any outfit with these sleeves, choose a neutral palette to keep your look simple and minimal.

Trendy Sleeves #5:

Ruffle Sleeves

These sleeves are just another extra statement-making reincarnation of bell sleeves. While bell sleeves can be declared to be subtle and classy, ruffle sleeves are loud and vivacious. The ruffle sleeves made their first appearance in the Spring 2017 runways and it has been the talk of the town since then. This trend comes in various styles and you can choose between the sizes and volumes of ruffles you want to sport.

White Off-Shoulder Top with Ruffle Sleeves - Trendy Sleeves
White Off-Shoulder Top with Ruffle Sleeves with Black Jeans for a casual daytime look
One-Shoulder Top with Ruffle Sleeves
One-Shoulder Top with Ruffle Sleeves paired up with a Trendy Skirt for a Formal Occasion

Tip: Outfits with ruffle sleeves can be quite voluminous and ornate. So, while putting together an outfit, try to go a little easy on the accessories and makeup.

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Trendy Sleeves #6:

Bishop Sleeves

Bishop Sleeves are for sophisticated dressing and it makes any outfit look extravagant. These sleeves are designed such that they balloon out from the shoulder to the lower arm while gathering at a cuff near the wrist. The soft and delicate feel of these sleeves makes them a perfect option to style with dresses and any other feminine silhouettes. Bishop sleeves look best when they come in fabrics like chiffon or lace.

Trendy Top with Bishop Sleeves
Trendy Top with Bishop Sleeves in a Neutral Color
Black Top with Bishop Sleeves - Trendy Sleeves
Black Top with Bishop Sleeves teamed up with Classy White Trousers and a Fanny Pack

Tip: These sleeves are too classy to be worn with jeans. If you want to wear these with a pair of pants, go for straight-leg trousers in black or white. While choosing outfits with these sleeves remember to pick out clothes having sharp designs and clean fabric to make the look feel more tailored and neat.

Trendy Sleeves #7

Cape Sleeves

This sleeves trend started with women draping a blazer or a coat over their shoulders instead of wearing them! Cape sleeves are an overlay and usually a sheer extension of the bodice of the dress. This style looks stunning with flowy, more feminine ensembles like dresses and skirts and goes best when made of laces or sheer fabrics.

Cape Sleeved Dress
Cape Sleeved Dress with Knee-high Boots
Cape Sleeved Top - Trendy Sleeves
Cape Sleeved Top worn with Dhoti Pants and accessorized with Chunky Necklace and a Statement Watch

Tip: Cape sleeves are too elegant to be worn as casual wear. So, sport this sleeves trend when you are dressing up for a formal occasion like an over-the-top, lavish office party.

These classy and chic Sleeves Trend is here to stay, so which one of these are you going to pick out for yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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