Winter Skincare Routine 101 – The Ultimate Guide

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Winter Skincare Routine 101 – The Ultimate Guide


December is here and the temperatures have fallen to some pleasant degrees. Our winter wardrobes have started piling up and who does not love the comfort of their warm blankets! Even though most of us look forward to this cool weather, the drastic fall in temperatures can do some real damage, resulting in dry flaky skin, chapped lips and static hair. The nip in the air can take a toll on our precious skin. Not to mention, the air pollution may also be at an all-year high during the winters which makes it urgent for us to take extra care by modifying our skincare routine.

skincare routine

Be it the humidity in summers or the extreme dryness of winters, there is no almost escape from taking routine care of our skin to ensure that it is healthy and damage-free. This winter, keep your skin pretty and hydrated with these effective winter skincare tips.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Just like you add layers of clothes, sweaters and jackets to save you from freezing, your skin needs extra layers too! This means, adding more than one product to your winter skincare routine. Make sure to use a hydrating booster that contains hyaluronic acid and glycolipids before applying your daily moisturiser. This should be done every morning before you step out in the freezing cold.

Winter skincare routine - moisturizer

The booster helps restore moisture balance and reduces the appearance of fine dehydration lines. Make sure that your moisturiser is winter-specific that is richer and more emollient. The thicker the layers, the harder it is for the harsh air to make way to your skin.

Add a Hydrating Toner to your Winter Skincare Routine

If you were not using a toner daily until now, it is about time you start! Facial toners should be used before applying the booster and moisturiser, daily during the winter months. Toners help balance the skin pH and strengthen its barriers. More importantly, they act as great hydrating agents that makes the skin supple enough to help it absorb creamier products like moisturisers.

Winter skincare routine - toner

Choose the Right Cleanser

We all use cleansers on a daily basis but are the products really helping our skin feel better? According the beauty gurus, your winter cleanser should be creamier and stuffed with humectants.

Use the right cleanser

Foam or gel based cleansers are harsh on your skin as they suck up all the moisture from your face along with dust, oil and pollutants. Moisturising cleansers act help clean your skin while also preserving the natural hydration of your skin.

Korean-inspired Sheet Masks for the Win

The best sheet masks are the ultimate skin hydrating agents. Dipped in serum, essence and hyaluronic acid, they help keep your skin toned, bright and moisturised. Ditch clay-based masks for the winter and use nourishing, moisture-loaded ones that make your skin feel supple and soft.

This routine takes 15 minutes at the least, depending on your skin type. While it is advised to carry out this routine everyday, you can stick to applying sheet masks 3 times a week.

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Winter Skincare Routine Still Needs Sunscreen

Sunscreen is not just limited to the summer months. Just because you cannot feel the heat of the sun as much does not necessarily mean that your skin is safe. Our skin is exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun even in the dead of winter and it is our duty to keep ourselves covered in SPF!

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Use a hydrating sunscreen lotion on your face and body at least 15 minutes before stepping out in the morning. If you are going out for a picnic or a vacation which requires you to stay outdoor for a longer time, remember to re-apply the screen every few hours.

Exfoliate But Not Too Much

Be is summer or winter, when you live in a city where pollution levels are always soaring, exfoliation is absolutely necessary. Especially during the winters when your skin feels dry and flaky, periodic exfoliation helps remove dead cells and cleans up your skin of the junk particles. This boosts skin regeneration and accelerates absorption of hydrating agents.

Lighter acid based exfoliates are your best bet during the winters but if you are using scrubbers, make sure to rub your fingers gently in a circular motion on your skin to not cause any extra damage.

Keep your Scalp Hydrated

Dandruff is a huge matter of concern during the winter season. The dryness in the air makes your scalp flaky which in turn, results in the occurrence of dandruff-causing yeast. The best way to reduce this is by always keeping your head and hair covered when you are outdoors. Hydrating shampoos also act as a great solution.

Hydrated scalp

Use shampoos that contain zinc pyrithione which does not let the yeast grow on your scalp. Moreover, while applying the shampoo, wait for at least 45 seconds before rinsing it off. This allows the product to come into contact with your scalp to do its job.

Add Home Supplies to your Winter Skincare Routine

Stuff you keep in your kitchen can be of great help during the winters. Winter air carries a huge amount of microbial spores that can lead to acne breakouts and skin irritation.

Yogurt for winter skincare routine

Yogurt is a great source of lactic acid that aids in the exfoliation process. Moreover, it contains Vitamin E which acts as a cure for inflammation and can be useful when your skin feels irritated and extra-flaky. Another way to remove dust and pollutants while also hydrating your skin is by taking an oatmeal bath.

honey for homemade remedies

Also, we cannot forget honey! Honey is a very effective moisturiser that has superb anti-bacterial properties which aids in resolving irritated skin or doing away with acne caused due to the dry air.

As you can see, there cannot be a limit to hydrating your skin during the chilly winter months. But along with it, you should also keep yourself covered up with warm clothes and lots of layers to stop the dry air to come in contact with your skin in the first place.

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