Women’s Day 2019 is All About Breaking the Myths!

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Women’s Day 2019 is All About Breaking the Myths!


Every year on March 8 International Women’s Day is celebrated. International Women’s Day is celebrated all over the world to celebrate womanhood, their social, political, cultural, economic achievements and acknowledge their significant contributions to society.

This Women’s Day is all about breaking the myths that women all around the world have to go through in her lifetime. There is no limit of as women what we can accomplish.

She keeps on getting reminded of the flaws she has and told to follow the rules hiding the same. We have to keep listening to the do’s and don’ts of many things. But one of the most judgemental points in every woman’s life is her way of dressing and her style.

But why don’t we just stand strong and accept it first? We should be the first one to embrace our own flaws and bust all the myths.

For that, we have a short list of some most common fashion myths that we are tired of listening!

1. You Should Wear a Dress to Look Feminine


We do not even understand the logic behind this. A girl is beautiful whatever she wears. A top and a pair of jeans look as much graceful and sophisticated as a dress. Never be too worried about the comfort of your outfit. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Women's Day

2. Your Playsuit Makes You Look Kiddo

A playsuit has become an easy choice for modern women. It is chic and comfortable and easy to carry. So, why to feel shy wearing this when you can rock this outfit like a pro?

Women's Day 2019

3. You Should Go For Tighter Clothes to Embrace Your Curves

What if we don’t want to flaunt our curves rather we want to wear loose and baggy clothes? Because that’s completely fine! You look wonderful in every way. Don’t let others dictate how should you dress. Go with your choice!

Celebrating Women's Day

4. You Need to Follow Trends to Look Chic

Wear what you were wearing 3 years back. It doesn’t matter if you love that dress and want to wear it again and again. The only rule you should be following is the rules that you’ve set for yourself. When you’re comfortable and confident your look will effortlessly translate to chicness.

It’s time to break all these myths and feel free. No matter what body type you own from fat, skinny, dark, tiny anything but you should start loving yourself.

You are beautiful. You are bold. You are strong. You are charismatic. You are a woman!

Here’s to all the strong women – “Happy International Women’s Day”.

Marsplay is running an amazing contest specially for all the women who wants to stand out in the crowd by embracing their flaws and flaunting it like no other.

Use hashtag #flauntyourflaw and post your beautiful pictures on the Marsplay App! Write a great caption as which flaw you are flaunting in your picture.
The best caption and image will win a cash prize of INR 1000, first & second runner ups will get INR 600 and INR 400 respectively.
Winners will be announced on 9th March’19.

Featuring one of the contestants of this contest because she looks as happy as a child and flaunting her flaw like a boss!

Every girl has her own flaw. The day she learns to accept it is the day she turns into a woman. Mine is my forehead #flauntyourflaw

It is a great initiative for all the bold and beautiful women. Go and participate now! Download the Marsplay App.

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